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  • TommyCD1

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    Could be tricky to get into, but it only gets better with playtime.

     - Well paced. Never feels there is a moment where survivors become overwhelmed through attrition.
     - Works well in Versus. There are several choke points as well as death charge potential in many places to learn.
     - Events are nicely unambiguous. It is clear what will start them and how to end them if they don't end on their own.
     - Bots play well on this campaign. No issue with navigation or scavenging.
     - Drab color scheme with little variance.
     - Several easy to access no nav locations.
     - Secondary weapons are rare.
     - Forced car alarm on map 3.
     - Finale can be confusing where to go, especially when it is required to drop through a hole in the floor.
     - No randomness. Path will be identical each play through. Only item spawns will vary.
    One of my favorite campaigns, and one of the rare ones that I would enjoy for Versus. It's fun to play through initially, and once you learn the map the pacing lends itself well to faster paced game play. Each map aside from the first also has an event to go through, and each one felt very fair. In particular, the only gauntlet of the map has several grenades placed before the alarmed door, and then immediately after you would have used some, there are some more grenades in the back of a truck along the path, so there's no issue with getting through it quickly. The finale is one big gauntlet like The Parish, and also like The Parish it only has one Tank within a predetermined location. At worst the Tank could punch someone off the building, but the Finale is rather good compared to some other gauntlet type custom finales. My biggest complaints with the map are that secondary weapons are rare unless you aren't picky with your melee weapon (which let's face it, most of them are just straight trash) and the finale is rather obscure which way to go. I think some lights or something could have helped, but I think this map is beyond seeing any updates at this point, so I guess just learning the correct path is the way to go. At least there's no randomness in that regard. I would definitely recommend this campaign to anyone who's willing to invest time beyond an initial play through.

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