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I have two names, one is HCHA, the other is 月悠红茶, My English is not good, so I am using translation tools. 我的油管视频主页(My Youtube Video): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWI6cC8Ii8dWHn5YgWViT4Q 我的B站视频主页(My Bilibili Video): https://space.bilibili.com/2357583 【求生2游戏MOD群】7群:236138006,加群答案:月悠红茶,1群、2群、3群、4群、5群、6群、8群已满人 【关于MOD授权】非常欢迎大家来移植或者改造我这边的MOD,你可以用它做各种改动和上传,移植到各种游戏里,比如GMOD、CSGO、还有其他很多游戏。希望你们能够将这些MOD传播到更多地方,请记得备注MOD的原链接。 [about mod authorization] you are very welcome to transplant or transform my mod. You can use it to make various changes and upload, and transplant it to various games, such as GMOD, csgo, and many other games. I hope you can spread these mods to more places. Please remember to note the original link of mod.