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Hello! Im known by the name Frezix/Frez, you can call me by that :D

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    -I love this fuucking map, its like valve's official campaign
    -Map 3 is my fave part
    -Still love this.
    -Not too easy, and Not too Difficult
    -Explosions! Woo


    -I got lost on the part where you go inside the store thingy.(that's just me.)
    -Some areas feel empty :(
    -Finale is kinda boring in some cases.
    -The Cave Part was pretty boring :p


    Perhaps if you would make a sequel of this where the helicopter crashed or something. or just like the hard rain campaign, survivors need to refuel the Helicopter to proceed you know. I have no problems with this map, fuucking amazing. keep it up! :D

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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