Jill Valentine in Red Suit (zoey)

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Version 1 Beta

  • Mod
    Girls Frontline MOD V5 rpk16 (military sniper)

    Girls Frontline MOD V5 rpk16 (military sniper) Girls Frontline MOD V5 RPK-16 - 5.45x39mm Light Machine Gun Skin. replaces the Left 4 Dead 2 Heckler & Koch MSG90A1 (Military Sniper Rifle). scripts More add hud icon Damage incre...

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  • Mod
    Centered Reduced Default HUD

    How about saving your screen space? A centered alternative version of the Reduced HUD. True, this is not a new hud, but it makes the default hud more playable. Or anyone want to play with a missing hud that takes up half of their s...

    • New
  • Mod
    Only PNC Florence Zoey

    Only PNC Florence Zoey Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud (2021) Registered Nurse - Florence Skin. Replaces all survivors L4D1(bill,francis,louis,zoey),L4D2 (nick,coach,ellis,rochelle) with only zoey Zoey voice support works ...

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    download from steam l4d2 pirate

    go to steamwo rkshopdownlo ad er . io, i do spaces because gamemaps ban links go to your favourite mod and install the mod on addons copy link and paste it in steam workshop downloader thats all so GO TO STEAM WORKSHOP