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  • Pros:

    -Extremely detailed
    -Foreign concept
    -Original (From Above)
    -Well placed supplies
    -Long but fun finale
    -Retextured half life 2 npcs in church
    -Minecraft Secret
    -Custom textures for melee, hambone and propane
    -A lot of custom textures/models for other things
    -Hugely realistic
    -Uncommon zombies
    -Ceda personnel in chopper at end
    -Tons of supplies at end before Siesta start
    -Good campaign poster
    -Cool skins you get for finding easteregg
    -Interiors and exteriors
    -Really good nav
    -Balanced gameplay, different areas, not too hard but not too easy, fits difficulties just right
    -Each map is differently laid out and designed/fashioned and keeps you coming back for more!


    -Some places felt a bit underdetailed
    -Small lag in some places
    -Swan boat in sewer


    Very, very good campaign, could use some Scavenge and Survival maps, also a tad more detail in some locations, and the Swan boat doesn't make sense, but other than that, absolutely LOVED it, and anyone who comes across this campaign, this is a MUST DOWNLOAD. Go on, do it.

Published Items

  • Map
    District 14 rooftops

    Medium rooftop map with a bunch of different areas, a few easter eggs, custom soundscape, minor backstory, gnome, a lot of supplies, a couple interiors, rain. The skybridge was built as a shelter, that's why it is a little out of place....

  • Mod
    M-16 and Scar Switcher

    This is a Scar + M-16 Switcher which I made a couple months. It switches the Scar and M-16 around due to the M16 being a burst firing weapon and the Scar being full auto. It also switches the icons around. Hope you enjoy added realism!


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