District 14 rooftops

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  • Eddy22

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    -plenty of good camping spots
    -experienced players can easily survive for more then 10 minutes
    -loads of secrets
    -decent amount of supplies
    -night or day? you choose
    -tank adds strategy since his punch can throw you off of the building
    -breaks in the horde (but not the SI) add opportunity to resupply but with a risk, speaking of which.....


    -..........breaks in the action can become to boring or easy -tank punches can lead to some cheap deaths if you don't plan
    -a bit on the small side
    -can be too easy


    One of my favourite maps that can keep me playing for hours (the sky never loads properly for me(but I think that thats just me). It can be a bit easy but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment

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