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  • Dissapointing

    This campaign would have been so great in many levels, it was the potential to become one of the best custom campaigns (at least in my opinion) alongside The Bloody Moors and Haunted Forest because it was that level of detail, atmosphere, good ideas and a really interesting background story but unfortunately everything gets spoiled by the HUUUUUGGE maps. I'm a fan of the vast areas to explore but if i have enough supplies to defend myself from the infected because let's be realistic, Left 4 Dead 2 is almost unplayable with the adition of the Charger and Jockey, and this map barely has some decent supplies (no ammo, no variety of weapons, no first aid kits in safehouse) and what makes it even worse is the constant spawn of Tanks and Witches, literally i killed about 4 Tanks in just one area (not map, in a single room). 
    I like the adition of certain weapons like the "Hell Gauntled" it's very original but impractical because the infected can still hit me with no problem despite i´m swinging my weapon like crazy. If you could just reduce the quantity of Tanks and Witches and add more supplies throughout all the maps the campaign can get really improved.
    • Nah, thanks. If i was going to make any changes on this campaign, it will be increase the number of events and reduce the numers of weapons. Please, before playing another new campaign, do yourself and 'everyone' a favor. READ the description of the campaign. There are some important information and also, it says if the campaign its hard or just normal. And if you think this map is huge, maybe is just you that dont know how to enjoy a campaign. About the weapons, none of then are mandatory. If they have a hit box that goes only foward and you dont know how to use, then dont. The map stays as it is. Thank you for nothing.

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