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I had a great time creating Dead Series, I hope you'll have a great time playing it... Enjoy !! ;D

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    I know that some people might prefer older versions of my campaign ( there are 5 versions right now ) BUT if I didn't keep those here or on the Steam WorkShop, it's because all fixed bugs and optimization are simply NOT there. I made the choice years ago to change the ending (and many other things) as my mapping skills evolved and by listening as much as I could to the players/friends about what they liked or didn't like. I only wanted to make it better for the whole community. I tried to explain this to Herbius as best as I could when "Dead Series Original" came out, but it was kinda clear to me that he was somehow connected to the site's admin so I let it go, but this 4th version is really NOT worth uploading since it is quite similar to the 5th, wtf xD

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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