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    Hindi ko ginawa ito. Kung nais ng may-ari ito ay ibababa ito ay aalisin. This addon improves the survivor bots behavior to make them more human-like and a bit more useful during the game as well as improving their combat skills. It i...

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  • 6 Maps
    Resident Evil 1

    An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in the middle of Raccoon Forest... -THINGS YOU HAVE TO KNOW: Important: Enable the instructor hints in Options>multiplayer. This campaign use custom hints to hel...

  • 4 Maps

    这是一张推荐人数4-16人的多人娱乐游戏地图,和potu3不一样的是以玩家之间的PVP为主。 以下是注意事项 1.地图没有特感和僵尸,请关闭多特以确保流畅游戏 2.部分机关需要队友伤害,近战伤害,和火瓶伤害,请确保开启以体验地图。 3.插件里 可选-修复类...

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    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2

    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2 Printstream AK 47 Replace AK Printstream M4A1-s Replace M16 Printstream AWP Replace AWP Printstream USP-s Replace Pistols Printstream DEAGLE Replace Magnum Printstream M4A4 Replace M16

  • 5 Maps
    Night Terror (Official Fixed)

    Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! Models and sounds fixed. No other unnecessary changes. Both text files inside the VPK point to author's site as they should. Created by Nipper and Dr. Boo (also known as Snow). This...

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  • 6 Maps
    Funny Moments

    This campaign consists of six maps, on which we have to last for some time. The locations are not connected to each other by the plot, so don't look for any deep meaning here. On each map we will be confronted by specific infected, and t...

  • 6 Maps
    Cambalache 2 - Total Remake

    (English description at bottom) *ROKU: Level design - Custom props and textures *SKESSLER: Tester - Custom zombies *BATATA BIÓNICA: Músico - Productor de la version "tango" del tema de L4D2 *Muchas gracias a todos mis tester!...

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  • 2 Maps
    Crescendo Collision (Fixed Patch Remaster)

    One crescendo event after another from all the stock campaigns Multiple various panic events from random chapters of the official campaigns Short campaign lasting only two small chapters, now fixed and patched Dug out of the infamous ...

  • 4 Maps
    Green Walls

    This is a small four chapter campaign in which the survivors will have to make their way through the dark corridors and alleys of the Green Walls complex and escape by refueling a truck with various interactive elements and panic events.

  • 45 Maps
    Beta 6

    本次hehe30为hehe7周年纪念作品,有10多位国内知名地图作者和模型作者一起合作制作!每关的地图风格各异,欢迎小伙伴们游玩!!? 主要增加了15关,总关卡数45,为了能正常游玩,请订阅part1与part3 喜欢作者的可以支持下哦 建图命令: map hehe30_1...

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    COD Modern Warfare Collection

    ENGLISH: THESE MODS ARE NOT MY PROPERTY This is a compilation of mods from different authors on GameMaps and Steam Workshop “COD Modern Warfare Collection” contains: - Weapon and item skins - Survivor skin - Special zombie skin - ...

  • 3 Maps
    The Tsunami City : Dark Tide

    海啸暴发后,幸存者们逃到楼顶,在海水和丧尸潮中寻求救援... After the tsunami hit, survivors fled to the roof of the building, seeking rescue in the sea and the tide of zombies... 建图代码 - Map Code ttc_m1_college ttc_m2_roof ttc_m...

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  • 3 Maps
    Fire Starter
    Alpha N/A

    The rescue chopper you've been waiting for gets hit by a tank rock You're forced to leave the rooftops and escape on your own

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  • 4 Maps
    Pouring Sanity Down the Drain

    After crashing their helicopter in an abandoned warehouse, barely injuring themselves, the survivors will make their way through the underground reaching a building that houses an infamous medical facility


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  • Guide
    How to install add-ons for L4D2. (PC/Mac)

    Installing L4D2 Add-ons for Windows Step 1: Download the add-on. All downloads are in .zip format. (You need to open the .zip archive to access the .vpk file.) If you can not open or extract the .zip/.rar file, download and install winra...

  • Guide
    Admin System - Command List

    This guide details the available commands for my Admin System mod. You'll need the mod in order to use the commands listed in this guide. If you have any questions or are having problems getting a command to work, please let me know and...

  • Guide
    How to Spawn more survivors

    First you gonna have to do like this map c1m1_hotel dont forget sv cheats 1 you write in console sb_all_bot_game 1 Second You gonna Write again in console jointeam 1 them write jointeam 2 zoey;respawn boom! There you go you have many sur...

  • Guide
    Custom Mutations Tutorial

    Hello everyone. In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to create your own custom Mutations! If you have any questions just ask, I'll be glad to assist you in any way that I can. Now lets get started! Getting Started Step 1: Download this...

  • Guide
    Play Versus Mode in Offline

    To play Versus Moide in Offline. I have some suggestions below here. Scroll down and read all of them Steam 1. If you're a Steam User playing L4D2, be sure you have type the "-insecure" in the game advanced option, prevents you connecti...

  • Guide
    How to make your Own Intro in Left 4 Dead 2

    Step 1: Download RAD Tools Before you Begin to make your Intro, I (Seriously) recommend you to download RAD tools which this thing can Convert Video formats into .bik Format but this Format is Really Important for replacing a L4D2 Intro ...

  • Guide
    How to play with 8 survivors in custom L4D1 maps

    Release: 28 July 2017 Want to play Rayman1103's United We Stand Co-op mutation mod in custom L4D1 map campaigns? You are able to play with 8 survivors in all L4D2 maps, but having trouble doing the same in custom L4D1 maps? No problem! ...

  • Guide
    How to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2

    How to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2 This guide will show you how to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2. First download font mod for example this one: www.gamemaps.com/details/13266 After you download it extract files and place .vpk fil...

  • Guide
    Left 4 Dead 2 Download Addon

    Installing L4D2 Add-ons for Windows Step 1: Download the add-on. All downloads are in .zip format. (You need to open the .zip archive to access the .vpk file.) If you can not open or extract the .zip/.rar file, download and install winra...

  • Guide
    Custom Scripted Weapons

    This guide describes how to create a custom weapon with new functionality, using a control vscript and a custom melee weapon as a base. Introduction The guide assumes general L4D2 modding experience, knowledge in creating custom weapons,...

  • Guide
    How to use Admin Menu - RE-UPLOAD

    How i use the addon: Admin Menu? WARNING! For this guide you need the admin menu of steam workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=574484797 Opening Console To use the admin menu you need of the console. How i open...

  • Guide
    How to download TUMTaRA

    it might be impossible but gamemaps dosent now have TUMTaRA anymore The best way is not to try hard and find TUMTaRA the campaign in gamemaps and it cost you lots of MB for it go to this website www.gamebanana.com go type in the search b...

  • Guide
    How To Spawn

    1 Weapon And Items : Counter-Strike Source Weapons: give rifle_sg552 give smg_mp5 give sniper_awp give sniper_scout Left 4 Dead 2 Firearms: give pumpshotgun give sniper_military give rifle_ak47 give shotgun_chrome give rifle_desert giv...

  • Guide
    Rayman1103's United We Stand co-op: Fix Zoey issue

    Release: 25 July 2017 Update: 28 July 2017 Having problem with Zoey character when playing Rayman1103's 8 survivors mutation mod? Sicked and tired of Zoey name change to "Survivor" when got defibbed or rescued? Want to restore her missi...

  • Guide
    How to enable vocalizer in Versus and Scavenge ...

    Introduction On November 1, 2018 Valve made an update to Left 4 Dead 2 where they disabled all addons in competitive game modes when playing on official servers (these modes include Versus, Realism Versus, Versus Survival, Scavenge, and ...

  • Guide
    How to generate more bots :)

    so first turn the developer console on or enable it next press ` then type sv_cheats 1 after that type sb_all_bot_game 1 or sb_all_bot_team 1 then type jointeam 1 then type jointeam 2 zoey;respawn, so now your wondering why its zoey caus...

  • Guide
    Top 4 Things about Coach

    Hey everyone! I'm back for more L4D2 Facts! This time, its about CHEEZBURGAHZ!!!! i mean, Coach! One fact has been crossed out since DarkWolf said Coach is just a father figure in the team. Fact 1 You guys might already know this BUT i...

  • Guide
    Better ways to kill the Tank. (New!!!!)

    Fixed something here so you now understand what i actually meant. PREPARE TO READ!!! 1. Sacrifical Attack (Melee) Yep.... Using a Melee weapon.... If you had a melee weapon on your side and atleast spotted a Tank, Equip the melee weapon...

  • Guide
    Top 5 Facts about Nick

    Here are Top 5 Facts about Nick! Enjoy! Fact 1 Everyone knows this but Nick is the most MEANEST character in the team. The reason why is that when Ellis called the helicopter a "whirly bird", Nick wants to hit Ellis so hard, Ellis' "sis...

  • Guide
    Guide of installing L4D Epsilon Modified Talker

    *** L4D Epsilon Modified Talker accessory *** Mirror 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/43tel88ip4oc27u/ Mirror 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzUxlxRywHPmS0NPMHNFV29HSjQ *** 修改對話檔附件檔案 *** Installing guide for dedicated se...

  • Guide
    Random Facts (L4D2)

    Here's some facts about EEEVVVVERRRRYYYYYTHIINNNGGGAAH!!!!!!! (not really... In L4D2) Fact 1 Tank doesn't seem to have a head. Even though he had one. Maybe it's because of a very heavy mutation, causing the head to be very tough! As to...

  • Guide
    ThirdPerson on Versus

    Testing ThirdPerson on Versus Finally, I've figured a way to toggle ThirdPerson on Versus. Other kinds of mods like thirdpersonshoulder, etc, won't work on Versus, and only works it on campaign. But still progress for this, due to my hom...