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  • Pros:

    - Decent, enjoyable campaign.
    - Some cool in-game features (boat ride, destructive environment)


    - Bots knocked clear out of map by charger
    - First couple of levels too easy
    - Final couple of levels too hard
    - 5 tanks in the finale... seriously?


    For the most part I enjoyed this campaign. Starts off really easy with a nice couple of warm up levels. The middle couple of levels were a nice difficulty and fun to play. Then the fifth level with the storm became a real pain, basically a non-stop gauntlet with non-stop storms and far too many specials. The finale was going all well and good, but then there were so many tanks. One showed up during a horde, then 2 more showed up just after that, then when rescue arrived 2 more tanks showed up in the midst of the gauntlet to the helicopter... it really ruined the enjoyment of the rest of the campaign.

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