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  • This is NOT a fix... lol

    First of all, I have played Db4D countless times on local server, and on remote server, with no bugs at all. None!
    This campaign introduced broken bot navigation in several sections. Most notably, the first event where you need to hold the button to shut the gate in the mall. The bots will not navigate through the next opened door to the club area, but try to go through the gate that was just shut, therefore getting stuck.
    Making the mall map shorter by having a safe room near the weapons shop was a real shame. Part of the challenge of the map is its length. But now you have a safe room and with 4 kits !
    The 1million'th mall visitor counter was wrong. It was all set to 0s...
    This is a pointless update, and gives no improvements. Instead it breaks the campaign.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • I don't get how he was like the only person that didn't have a problem, everyone I knew and read about had a problem with the original, thanks for the update looking forward to trying it out
    • I played the latest DB4D campaign not so long ago, and it crashed a lot (dedicated servers and local, same for plenty of people.) And I haven't got the weird nav bug where the bots try to get trough that door, but that is an easy fix todo on the next update.
      The 4 medkits not spawning has been fixed for the new update, plus the weapons that are supposed to spawn as well.
      And for the making the map short, it had to be done to make sure you don't get "No_FreeEdicts" which would crash the game on many servers (Entity Data was over 200%, which is not a great sign). The second part has been redone a little to be a bit longer, but not by alot.
      If there was any other areas that have big issues, please let me know.
      But thanks for the feedback tho.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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