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  • A Great Campaign

    -1st map that huge city to explore
    -2nd map, love the coastline
    -3rd, that bridge, makes me want to run through with only melee on solo.
    -4th, the cruise map is awesome too!
    -Laggy a bit at map 3 :(
    -The light environment in map 1 and 2 are weird,it MIGHT be better if it was Swamp Fever map 3's(since map 3 of swamp fever is at dawn).
    -Map 3 MIGHT be better if you set the foggy weather to The Parish's evening lighting, since map 4 is at dusk and map 5 at night.
    -Alcatraz is a scavenge finale, I was hoping a gauntlet finale.
    I just hate that finale, great campaign BTW

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