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  • Nope.

    Went inside a house. Touched a phone. Caused literally hundreds of mudmen to spawn, followed by more than a couple dozen jockeys (most of which got stuck on geometry), followed by literally hundreds of riot cops along with spitters and jockeys. All in the house.

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  • Map
    Chastre 1450 BE

    This is an unfinished single map designed for Left 4 Dead. It takes place in Chastre, Belgium and covers mostly farmland but takes survivors through several interesting buildings. There are a couple of mandatory hordes and a double-tank ...

  • File
    A Dam Mission - Text and Voice Removal Patch

    This is a patch that disables the distracting voice work and unnecessary objective text for any and all versions of A Dam Mission. Props to the guys for actually doing voiceover, but I found it very cheesy, loud, distracting, and unneces...


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