A long time fan of FPS games since playing the original Wolfenstein/Doom was a thing. I enjoy playing custom maps on L4D2, if you like to team up to play a custom map, drop me a message. I'm usually on Steam & I play in GMT zone.

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  • A fun straight forward map.

    Well balanced with supplies & infected. There wasn't hordes upon hordes spawning during game play which really gets tedious on certain maps.
    Another snow themed map.
    Difficulty was average , I played on normal & it felt just right.
    The map was straight forward.
    It felt a bit short & the finale was pretty easy if you just shoot up adrenaline & run for the escape van.
    Bot navigation was a bit odd when you had to activate the 3 generators. One bot somehow descended the lift before I activated it. But I'm not sure if that's due to the bots mod where they can lead.
    Apart from that , this was fun to play & I'll keep it in my add-ons folder .

    Edited: August 2022

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