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Freezing Point

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  • kurochama

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    Good campaign to play

    It's a nice campaign. Just as expected of the author of "Time To Die", this campaign has no problem from the beginning to the finale. Supplies are enough. Directions & hints are clear. Bot navigation is good in overalls, as the only bot navigation bug happens when bots are trying to enter the rescue unit. Some bots find it difficult to get in. There are also some funny talks between survivors that make the play more fun. Randomized paths are also good things as this can give players new challenge on each play.
    Map 1 is exploration to get into a mansion. It's kind of short campaign to explore the snowy path leading to the mansion. There's a simple objective to collect some items. The hints are so helpful so I don't have to tell where the items are.
    Map 2 is exploration inside the mansion. The mansion has many explorable rooms. Supplies are scattered on some rooms so it's worth exploring if you want to get some supplies. There's an objective to turn on an elevator by turning on some switches on highlighted locations.
    Map 3 goes into a lab. There are also explorable rooms in the lab & some objectives to collect a key & turn on power. Every hint is clear so there's nothing I can say.
    Map 4 has the futuristic devices just like "Time To Die". There's an advanced generator that looks like a teleporter/ time machine. Unfortunately, it works only as a generator, not as a teleporter. There's a quite long escape finale here through streets & some buildings. Melee weapon might be needed as the escaoe route also goes inside buildings with narrow paths. The bot navigation bug, as mentioned above, is when survivors arrive at rescue location. Some bots can't enter the rescue unit. Probably it would be better to make it a rescue area instead, like, when all survivors enter area around the rescue unit, the rescue scene will be triggered.
    In short, it's a recommended campaign to enjoy with bots or friends. Though this campaign has objectives to find some items, they're not difficult as the areas are not too wide to search for the items. Good work.

    Edited: March 2022

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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