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  • Finally Another Decent Custom Map

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Shine Guy, i will only made another update after some time. I'll wait for more and more feedback. Its hard to just please all community. Everyone want a different thing. I also have a better soundtrack on mind, im just studing the better music for the better map. Now, about the gameplay. The witchs, i think, works as a barrier for some players. I puted some of in closed areas to make the team think on a way trough they. Many others are spawned randomly. In this case i dont have control at all. About the custom skins for bile and pipe... I know a guy, if he help me, maybe i can put some new stuff, not only this, but custom weapons as well. But its just a teory, nothing concrete. About the events and scripts... dude, this map was made to be impossible, and on the old version there was many events. But they incriase the chances of crash. I dont know how to deal with scripts, but a friend of mine did it for me, and only provoke more crash. So, i reformulated the whole campaign for a linear play trough, with rare events but a long, long walk. The kind of map that i like. Well, thank for you support and tips on the first version. Take care, bro.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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