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    Alex_D's Definitive Character Pack (WiP)


    Alex_D_Vasilkov presents his unfinished Definitive Character Pack or something. Don't worry, it's not GTA III remaster kind of "definitive". Although it's a bit raw, and I am not sure if I will ever finish it. Features: * Tons o...

  • Mod

    Male Nightmare Voice V2

    How the Male Nightmare voice should be. I created this voice pack myself using UT2K4VoicePackager by Paul Catalano. For those who don't know, there's an error in the game where the generic taunts for male Nightmares are the exact same...

  • Mod

    No Team Skins

    Created by legacy-fftunes on the Epic Games forum. This simple mutator disables team skins, for those like me who hate those annoyingly bright red and blue colors and want to appreciate the default colors of the characters while playi...

  • Mod

    Crush Death Mutator

    This mutator results in an instant kill and total gib for the target if the attacker jumps on their head, just like Super Mario. The damage level can be configured in the Mutator menu, with a maximum value of 199. How to use: 1) E...

  • Mod

    Bikini Girls Sapphire and Satin

    Bikini mod for Sapphire and Satin. Now you can watch these babes kill their enemies in less clothing. How to use: 1) Extract the content of the ZIP file to your UT2004 directory. 2) When you start the game, the bikini girls will app...

  • Mod

    Bot God Mutator

    This is a mutator that allows the player to make a bot invincible (have god mode). To use 1) Extract the content of the ZIP file to your UT2004 directory. 2) Start the game and select Instant Action. 3) Add the mutators in the Muta...

  • Map


    Deathfan from the original Unreal by Elliot Cannon, but much bigger. Twice the number of levels to fight on and a new look. Features shifting gravity, so beware.

  • Map


    A small Domination-level set in outer space. Very simple layout.

  • Map


    An endless deathmatch arena. Falling is not going to kill you. Just another of my mindless creations. Made in a single day.

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    Ancient Grinder

    Remake of Elliot Cannon's UT99-level DM-Grinder, but in a completely different setting. Started out as an experiment with theme and wasn't supposed to be released. But after a while, I decided to complete and upload it. It was made about...

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    Gateway 502

    A CTF-level set in a repair- and fuellingstation in outer space.

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    An Escher-inspired CTF-level, where you can see everything going on in the enemy's base, just by looking up. Provides very fast gameplay and you can capture the flag in less than 15 seconds, if you are lucky. It was the first level, I cr...

  • Map

    Walk In The Park

    Just a basic CTF-level in a serene setting with plants, flowers and foliage everywhere.

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    Onreel Tachnology

    A CTF-arena set on a circular platform. Very dangerous. Features plasmafields you can shoot through, but they will kill you, if you try to walk through them. Also a lot of moving machinery, that will crush you or push you into certain de...

  • Map


    Capture The Flag level based on the layout of DOM-Olden from UT99.

  • File

    Tweak Tool 2004

    This is a tool which lets you customize a lot of settings quite easily. I'm sure it will come in handy to some people. Check the readme and screenshot for a list of the things that can be modified.

  • Map


    A map created in 11 days. I wanted to see if I could make a playable level on a set time schedule and I did it. My goal was also to use only a couple of textures. In fact only two custom made base textures was used for the level. The res...

  • Map


    Control the Nodes and attack the opposing team Core on this alien planet. A strong environmental goal with realistic terrain and plenty of atmosphere. Winds, meteors, a wide range of plants, and even alien animal roars in the distant mou...

  • Map


    "Cerro San Tito" is a ancient hill baptized thus for Spanish conquerors in the 15th century created of form natural and far of the urban zone contaminated by the smog, at present it has turned into a tourist place for excursion and rest....


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