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Hello, world! Thanks to Rayman1103, my Gamemaps name is now consistent with my Steam name! I love firearms and computer graphics. My Steam URL:

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  • A functional fun campaign

    Well-built and decorated, with low atmospheric lighting, and pleasant balance of supplies. The abundance of explosive barrels can get annoying with those trigger-happy bots, who nevertheless refuse to shoot completely at the parking with alarmed cars. There are some spots where bots can get stuck and sometimes they ignore supplies in plain sight (tables or ambulances), and I reckon there'd be places where they can't revive you. The comic sound effects are a fun idea, but sometimes they're cheesy (like "PUMP! PUMP!") to the point one would expect "PROPERTY DAMAGE!!" pop up at some point. Regardless, the campaign is long, if a bit repetitive, easy enough, and with a comic book worthy finale twist.

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    Turok 2 Shotgun (for Chrome)

    Shotgun from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil The shotgun is a powerful weapon, but has a slow rate of fire. Extremely useful in close range situations. - Turok 2 manual Replaces the "Chrome Shotgun" (model only) Made by my Croatian frie...

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    BO1 MAC11 pack (for Uzi, MAC)

    Ingram MAC-11 from CoD: Black Ops A subcompact variant of the MAC-10 chambered in weaker rounds, this American submachine gun/machine pistol isn't too shy to expend its magazine in less than two seconds of automatic fire. Cheap, unapp...

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    BO1 MP5K (for Uzi or MAC)

    HK MP5K prototype with a wooden foregrip from CoD: Black Ops This German SMG is a shortened (K stands for "Kurz") variant of the already reasonably compact MP5. Shorter action led to the increase of the cyclic rate, and a vertical for...

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    PD2 Pronghorn (for Scout or AWP)

    Steyr Scout from Payday 2 Austrian sniper rifle designed after Jeff Cooper's concept of a "scout rifle" with many unique features such as integral bipod, mags with two catches with one effectively disabling magazine feeding and requir...

  • Mod

    MW2 Intervention firing sounds for AWP

    Replaces the firing sounds of the "AWP" to those of the Intervention from CoD: Modern Warfare 2. Regular fire uses the multiplayer "lash" sound, while the incendiary uses the more thundering sound from singleplayer, which I kinda prefer ...

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    MW3 Intervention Plutonium (for AWP)

    CheyTac M200 Intervention from CoD: Modern Warfare 2 An American high-caliber sniper rifle, which can also be used in anti-materiel role. It fires propriertary Cheyenne Tactical ammunition that sits between .50 BMG and .338 Lapua. The...

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    MW1 Mini-Uzi pack (for Uzi or MAC)

    IMI Mini-Uzi from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Compact variant of the venerable Israeli submachine gun. It is shorter and lighter but has a much higher cyclic rate due to the bolt having less distance to travel between shots, and it...

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    MW3 PM-9 Suppressed on iiopn's (for MAC)

    Minebea M9 aka "Japanese Mini-Uzi" from CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Used exclusively by Japan Self-Defence Forces, how it made it into a game that doesn't even feature Yakuza is a mystery. There aren't any photographs of the PM-9 with a sup...

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    MW3 PM-9 on MWR anims (for Uzi)

    Minebea M9 aka "Japanese Mini-Uzi" from CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Used exclusively by Japan Self-Defense Forces, how it made it into a game that doesn't even feature Yakuza is a mystery. The complete lack of a stock makes the bonus of the...

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    Python HUD pack (TLS)

    A pack of scriptless HUD icons for the Colt Python. Includes a 6 inch, 4 inch, and 2.5 inch versions, with wooden or grooved grips. Keep in mind that outdated scripts revert to the default icon and might be incompatible with these icons.

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    MW1 W1200 Pack (for Wooden or Chrome)

    Winchester Model 1200 from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare While not as widely used as other American pump shotguns (Remington 870 and Mossberg 500) it still is considered a part of this golden trio. The honored Winchester name also he...

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    PD2 Street Sweeper (for SPAS)

    Penn Arms Striker-12 from Payday 2 need a bit more freedom (c) Kriegs (~Ara Ara~) upon seeing it with an open reflex sight A clockwork shotgun from South Africa built like a double-action revolver. Early versions were very slow to...

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