Desert Crossing

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Dead and Gone

    Ok this map is basically what I've seen many cnc3 fans asking for: An assymetrical, detailed and overall good quality map. The primary feqature of this map is a large gully that inadvertaintly divides the map in 2. One can tell a battle...

  • Map
    Compression Expansion

    The bases are at the north and south ends. To the east, there is a tiberium field and silo for each player, and a cliff overlooking the center with 2 tiberium spikes and a bunker for players to fight over. In the center, there is a smal...

  • Map
    Art of Defense - Tiberium Grounds

    On this map you have to protect a building from being destroyed. This building can not be repaired, However you can reset his health by destroying 1 of the 2 battleships located on the sea. The enemy you are fighting only uses units and...

  • Map
    Mountain Pass

    Well i had to test out the games ability to handle mountains so i created this as a test map but I had way to much fun creating it and decided to make it one of my signature maps i have to say it came out damn nice. I put alot of tiem i...

  • Map
    Dry Heat

    4 player yellow zone with a mid day atmosphere. mostly open land with an interesting terrain layout. Many expansion fields along with nutral objectives.



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