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Version 2.0 Final


  • Map


    The battle for West London continues under the earth. The horde of mutants come from the sewers, invading a public underground parking. The police forces can’t contain the invasion, and call to the mercenaries to close the problem. Take ...

  • Mod

    Event Zeds (Circus/Halloween/Xmas/Redneck)

    This is a remake of the Circus and Xmas zeds mutator I made a while back, this one no longer requires a custom game, it adds in all the appropriate ZEDS for which mutator you choose to use and, it adds in the boss and his final squads.

  • Mod


    This mutator disables player to player collision during trader time ensuring that you can always enter the trader room regardless of other players blocking the entrance. Updated to version 1.1 which improves responsiveness and efficienc...

  • Mod

    Classic Zed Voices Mutator

    This mutator replaces specimen voices with KF mod version 2.51 specimen voices. The pack is client optional download, meaning you can skip the download when entering the server that has this mod (which if you do, you will simply hear n...