L4D1 Freddy Krueger replace Bill

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    TLS Hunting Rifle

    The TLS hunting rifle from Left4Dead 2, Comes in 5 variants with 4 skins to mix and match, The base addons has a higher quality version of the default skin, too use one of the other included skins a base addon is required and a skin addo...

  • Map
    "Exterminators" Survival

    One of the most unusual maps for survival. Chopper with gantlings circling around the night city. Do you like circling around the city on the chopper and eradicating the horde of zombies out of Gantling? Then, that is for you. P.S. ...

  • Mod
    CS:GO Nova

    CS:GO Nova for Left 4 Dead, Replaces the pumpshotgun. Includes 8 skins and a HUD icon. The base addon comes with the default skin, to use one of the skins the base addon is required and a skin addon. To change the hud icon on the w...