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Event Zeds (Circus/Halloween/Xmas/Redneck)

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Version 14.0 Complete


  • Map

    This is a map created for this server : Shared it cause it's a great lookin map! If you want to put this into your server make sure to change the logos! But don't change the map owner in it! Custom classic doom am...

  • Mod

    Share Cash Mutator

    Remaining money of leaving (also crashing) players will be shared among all players alive. Only amounts above the starting amount will be shared. Crashing players still lose some money as a result of dying. Share Cash Mutator has been w...

  • Map

    Block Party

    Imagine your neighborhood. Now imagine it with zombies. This is a map I've been working on as a side project while I finish up Central Mayhem mission beta. It's a survival map with 4 traders, decent size, and really fun. Hope you enjoy.

  • Map


    A graphically stunning map with good, fun, balanced gameplay based in a zombie infected jungle! You MAY take everything in the level and use it for your own non-commercial Killing Floor projects. It would be nice if you gave me credit. ...