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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Guide
    How replace sounds by yourself

    Process: Well this is very easy. what we need: know name of file what you want to replace, directory of this file and rplacement file (for example: I wanna change Tank theme on any other track, firstly I need to find this file, here's d...

  • Guide
    The 'Nothing Special' Achievement Guide

    The "Nothing Special" achievement is one of the hardest awards to win in Left 4 Dead. In order to win this elusive achievement, 4 players have to complete a co-op campaign with no one taking damage from any special infected: i.e hunters,...

  • 5 Maps
    The Parish: L4D1 Edition

    This is a port of The Parish to the original Left 4 Dead for the HardA server. This is not an exact port of the campaign and has some changes to ensure stability and compatibility. All assets required are included in the VPK ensuring ...

  • 5 Maps
    Simplicity (L4D1 Port)

    Welcome back to the Synergenic Technologies Testing Chambers in this spiritual successor to the "Prototype Mk2" and Prototype Mk3" Campaigns. Fight your way through a strange, minimalist world to escape. This campaign relies on heavil...



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