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Version 1.0 Complete


  • Mod

    Marie Rose Cat Pink

    Beta N/A

    Marie rose cat pink, replaces zoey only in third person for now. more changes and improvements soon. all animations work fine.

  • Map

    [L4D] Man vs Tank v1.2


    Survive increasing waves of tanks, up to 7 tanks, unlock the safe zone and show how good you are with your friends.

  • Mod

    M1911 from Insurgency: Sandstorm


    M1911 from Insurgency: Sandstorm for Left 4 Dead, Includes a HUD icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will need to edit the file mod_textures.txt manually found in ..\left 4 dead\left4dead\scripts. "icon_pistol" { ...

  • Mod
    • Updated

    Returning Bunnyhop


    This mod return bhop in game, also contains version for Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Portal, Portal 2 and Synergy. In games Portal and Portal 2 was removed 300 velocity limit

    • Updated
  • Guide

    How replace sounds by yourself

    Process: Well this is very easy. what we need: know name of file what you want to replace, directory of this file and rplacement file (for example: I wanna change Tank theme on any other track, firstly I need to find this file, here's d...