Hunter Peruano Por fiestas patrias

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Version 0.1 Beta

  • Mod
    Remington 870 Police Magnum

    Remington 870 Police Magnum (Wooden Shotgun) for Left 4 Dead. Includes a HUD Icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will need to edit the file mod_textures.txt manually found in ..\left 4 dead\left4dead\scripts. "icon...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Leon "Bill" Kennedy - Resident Evil 2 Rema...

    L4D1 Leon "Bill" Kennedy - Resident Evil 2 Remake RPD Suit Compatible with re-skins. Requires high shader and texture settings. Features: + High-poly suit + FP Arms + Passing dead body + Restored cigarette smoke. + Added boom...

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  • Guide
    Como abrir consola y server browser Steam and n...

    Hola en esta guía les enseñare como abrir la consola y el server browser lo primero que tienen que hacer eso esto 1.- Ir a su galería seleccionar el juego, dar click derecho y en la pestaña de general dar click en opciones de lanzamiento...

  • Mod
    B4B Francis in Hoffman suit

    B4B Francis in Hoffman suit Features: - First person arms - Facial animations - HUD/Incap/Lobby images Credits: Model: Turtle Rock Studio Port: Potato L4D1 port: Xavi and copiled All animation swaps work online Rate...