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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    L4D1 Professor Hubert Farnsworth (Bill)

    Professor Hubert Farnsworth (Bill) Features: - First person arms - v_models - HUD/Incap/Lobby images - Sv_intro_model Credits: Model: Ti!3 L4D1 port: Xavi and copiled All animation swaps work online Rate, Comment, E...

  • Mod
    Beta Loading Screens

    Based on other Source games blurred loading screens, technically Beta since Left 4 Dead in '07 had a regular Source Engine menu. Made to work alongside saibot_20194's 2007 menu screens. Credit to him to since I used his menu screens as ...

  • Guide
    Como poner mods Sin editar el pak01_dir facil y...

    Intro ;) de guia de poner mods mas facil que nunca ;) Hola tu que estas buscando una manera facil de instalar mods si ? pues si eso es lo que buscas y tu respuesta es si estas en el lugar indicado :) lo unico que tienes que hacer es m...

  • Mod
    L4D1 INS:S Survivor - Zoey

    L4D1 INS:S Survivor - Zoey death scream Zoey dressed in a rolled athletic top and a tactical vest, from Insurgency Sandstorm. Features remade UI elements, first person hands, and game accurate models and materials. Features: F...



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