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plants vs zombies vs zoey l4d1

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  • Mod

    Theuaredead's TRS Zoey Head + Retail Body

    This ports the TRS Zoey head + Retail Body that Theuaredead made for L4D2 to the rightful place! Credits: ED_Silenced - Porting the mod Theuaredead - Original creator Ceno - Publisher/VGUI Editor

  • Mod

    Xopha's Fixed Retail Hunting Rifle

    This is Xopha's Fixed Retail Hunting Rifle, it fixes most of the faces except the missing faces on the bottom of the trigger and clip. I'll see if he'll want to fix that. But for now here you go! Credits: Xopha - Creator Ceno - ...

  • Mod
    • New

    L4D1_Barney Calhoun replaces Francis

    Barney Calhoun now has: - Eye and facial posing (ported from HL2) - His Civil Protection viewmodel arms - HUD icon, incapped icon, and lobby image Barney Calhoun character is owned by Valve

    • New
  • Mod

    Globally Offensive Silenced SMG

    Silenced SMG from L4D2 but uses the body from the CS:GO MAC-10 so skins can be used without editing any textures, i also removed the strap because it clips through the hands. Includes 4 skins and a HUD icon. The base addon comes with ...

  • Guide

    Know Your Modding - Replacing a Gun

    Finding a Model First you will need to find a model that you want to replace with. In this tutorial I'm going to replace Hunting Rifle with Maverick-A2 from Call of Duty. Tools that you'll need. 3ds Max or Blender (I use 3ds Max 2012) Cr...