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Version 2.0 Beta


  • Guide

    How replace sounds by yourself

    Process: Well this is very easy. what we need: know name of file what you want to replace, directory of this file and rplacement file (for example: I wanna change Tank theme on any other track, firstly I need to find this file, here's d...

  • Mod

    Theuaredead`s E3 Survivors (L4D1)

    It was Belongs to Theuaredead, I will take care of myself Original Mods: 1. E3 Louis 2. E3 Francis 3. Trailer/E3 Zoey 4. E3 Bill

  • Mod

    Shell Barrel

    Replaces explosive barrel. VPK Compiled here ->

  • Mod

    L4D2 Gascans

    Nothing special just the gascan textures from L4D2 as separate mods. Installation: Use either of these install guides. GameInfo Method: How to CORRECTLY install mods Addons Method: Fastest way to install any mods in L4D1! I ...

  • Mod

    Early 2008 Flashlight Particle

    In Early 2008 the flashlight had an actually sexy effect, Xenort and I are here to restore that! Xenort - Creator Original Link: steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2849490391 Ceno - Port You can attempt to con...