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Version 0.1 Complete

  • Mod
    L4D1 INS:S Survivor - Francis

    L4D1 INS:S Survivor - Francis Francis dressed in a leather jacket and tactical vest, from Insurgency Sandstorm. Features remade UI elements, first person hands, and game accurate models and materials. Features: First Person Arms ...

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  • Mod
    CS:GO M4A4: Evil Daimyo - Purple (M16)

    CS:GO M4A4 (Evil Daimyo, purple version) replaces M16. Enjoy! CREDITS: Gerdur: Original Addon HyperMetal: Flashlight model/texture VALVE: Evil Daimyo skin Me: Texture edit

  • Guide
    Survive in the Hospital No Mercy

    How to survive in the hospital no mercy? Well first of all I just want to say that as you discover how to survive in the following maps we will try to help you with a guide, let's start. 1-when they reappear in the hospital place, every...

  • Mod
    CS:GO Beretta

    CS:GO Beretta for Left 4 Dead. Includes 12 skins and a HUD icon. The base addon comes with the default skin, to use one of the skins the base addon is required and a skin addon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will n...

  • Mod
    B4B Zoey in Holly suit

    B4B Zoey in Holly suit There are 3 Versions available. Pick the one you like. This mod DOES NOT have RNG. 1. Red Head & Hair 2. Default Head & Red Hair w/ SAS mask: 3. Default Head in Holly suit Features: - First person ...