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    • TheMarkusBoy

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      + Nice custom music
      + Nice details on the building textures (specially the church).
      + Nice details on the castle.


      - Map limits are invisible walls? Add some fences and a forest behind or something.
      - The town otuside the castle looks very poor. Add some stuff (mail boxes, streetlights, etc) and change the textures of the floor (it seems that it has theskybox textures on it).
      - Houses textures are repetitive.
      - No skybox (put a night one at least)
      - Some walls of the castle are not properly attached to each other.
      - No supplies besides the beggining ones.
      - I couldn't find the end of the map (if it has an end).


      It's a good map and the idea of infiltrating and searching for something is good, but the design is poor.
      Add some traps in the castle (if possible), more zombies, scattered supplies and add some details and stuff to the map and it will be better :)

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