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    • RandomGuyy

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      I recommend it, if u are bored or you want a challenge to play, here is, it works perfectly.
    • ArmoredTier

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      + Survival elements are a nice change of pace
      + Being able to manipulate the infected spawns is creative
      + Bot commands are very useful for holding out positions
      + Absence of the player glow makes you feel like you are playing the beta version of L4D


      - Recoil is way too strong,; made me dizzy after extended play time
      - Downloading the add-on overwrites custom vocalization commands
      - Hardcore difficulty may not be for everyone


      Definitely worth checking out if you want a very different Left 4 Dead experience. My only big complaints are the overwritten vocalization and jarring recoil.

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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