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    • SerenityRose

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      pretty damn good

      the upsides: it's fast pace it's a straight line and it's simply running from the horde to the saferoom.
      the downsides: not many places to explore, some maps aren't straight lines so it's easy to not understand where to go.
      the finale will spawn 4 tanks for some reason and most of the time they'll spawn too far away so they'll die to fast.
      I give it a 4 out of 5 stars if the finale was a little better with the tank spawns then it be a little better.
      Recommended difficulties: normal advance (the horde will spawn a lot to be on any higher than these two.)
    • klyar

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      -unique style
      -full campaigns
      -Bots NAV are fine most of the time
      -nice maze, not too long or not too shot
      -challenging for single player
      -hints on the wall
      -hidden doors
      -many zombies


      -maps mostly are straight and narrow. it would be nice if you can make some large area like in map 3 the alarm scene and map 4.(maybe extra map?) 
      - some words on the wall are hard to read. After awhile I gave up reading them because there are too much to read and they all look like the same. Change a little bit of the side and color will be nice
      -Bots NAV are pain in the ass in some area. I think it's in map4 the large square area with a bridge in the center and a tunnel. Once I pass the tunnel and going up, the bots just stay under the corner of the hill.
      And in the end final, before the door open. The bots just teleport themselves through the door while I am waiting it to open.
      -On map 3 the alarm scene, I actually can jump over the fence to the other hill without crossing the line at the bottom. But with the bots and tank, the alarm will still goes on anyway.
      -End of map 4, where the zombies jump out from the hidden wall on the right side. I actually can see the hidden wall before it move.And I can target it before the wall open. It would be nice if I can't see it until I get there.


      Overall the campaign is pretty nice and I enjoy it a lot. Just some cons and of course the bots.
      Thanks for you hard work~

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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