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Installing Mods For Original L4D

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Left 4 Dead Guide

There is correctly 2 ways to install addons for L4D1

1. Editing pak01_dir (hard one)

Editing some lines in pak01_dir.vpk file.
if you're a beginner don't do this.

2. Extracted pak01_dir

Tools you need
1. gcfscape

Step 1. Open pak01_dir and do the following : CTRL + Left Click on "models","materials,"particles".
Step 2. right click on them while they are "blue" and click extract.
Step 3. Extract them where pak01_dir is located (left 4 dead/left4dead)
Step 4. Wait
Step 5. After the extracting is done, rename your pak01_dir to pak01old_dir
Step 6. Put the addon you want in addons folder

With this method you can install addons without editing pak01_dir!


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