Left 4 Dead Guide

Fastest way to install any mods in L4D1!

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Left 4 Dead Guide

Most people think installing or modding L4D1 is hard but in reality it's really easy!

This  guide will help you to install any L4D mods the easiest way!

Step 1: Unpacking the Main VPK

Step 1.1
Download  GCFScape this application is need for viewing and extracting VPK files
Step 1.2:
Open up the VPK "Pak01_Dir.VPK" found in your "Left 4 Dead/left4dead" (which is found in " C:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead\left4dead\pak01_dir.vpk")
Step 1.3:
Extract it into your Left 4 Dead folder "left4dead"
Step 1.4:
Exit out of the VPK and rename it from "Pak01_Dir" to something else, like: "Pak01_DirP"

And delete other pak01 files there are total  59 pak01 vpk files and it's total 1.31GB so you better delete it. We don't need em.Only leave pak01_dirP file. (In this picture  i used my sacrifice dlc 3 vpk files cuz i already deleted my main vpk files).

Step 2: Unpacking left4dead_dlc3 VPK files(The Sacrifice DLC)

One last thing left is lef4dead_dlc3 vpk files. And we need to extract it.

Open left4dead_dlc3  folder.
Open pak01_dir vpk file with GCScape select those 3 file  and right click and press extract and extract it in same folder lef4dead_dlc3 folder.
Next step is we need to delete this 10 pak01 files and rename pak01_dir to pak01_dirW and leave it alone.

Congratulations! Everything is done! Now move any mods to your addons folder!

Move downloaded mods to your addons folder!! It's vpk files!
Be remind  that having too many mods in your addons folder can increase your game loading time while playing in multiplayer. Or some mods can conflict with each other!
I completed this installing guide and explained everything! And it's better one.

Original guide idea By Theuaredead`. .


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