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To get a concise overview of this guide, simply refer to the red OBJECTIVES provided in each chapter. If you find those basic hints insufficient for progressing through a chapter, delve into the more comprehensive sections. You can access this guide and the accompanying map screenshots within your in-game Steam browser by copying the URL above into your browser's address bar.

If you're new to this campaign, it can sometimes be frustrating to locate items and navigate through the darker, mistier portions of certain maps, causing you to lose your sense of direction. Hence the reason for this guide. Additionally, some of the puzzles in the chapters can be quite challenging and abstract to solve. It's also advisable, if possible, to tackle this campaign with experienced players who are more familiar with the maps.

I'd like to share a few additional thoughts about this campaign: It's expansive, featuring 11 chapters, along with a special finale map, totalling 12 chapters. If you include the four random finale endings, there are actually a total of 15 maps in this campaign.

Chapter 1 - Old Silent Hill

OBJECTIVES: Find the following - 4 keys in the town: a key by the police car, a key in the letterbox, a key by the basketball post, and a key in the dog kennel. These keys are needed to unlock the front door near the dog kennel, to gain access to the safe room located in the house.

Players start out with only one pistol and no med kits. At the corner of the first street is a shop, inside under the counter more pistols (should) spawn. To obtain the Uzi guns, leave the shop turn left at the street junction, and follow close to the wall on the left side till the weapons are found up against a small protruding wall near the far end of the street. All other Tier 1 weapons and med kits have to be found elsewhere, they're scattered around the town at fixed locations (see "notes on finding stuff" below).

First study the street map on the signpost at the start of the chapter, it gives clues to where certain stuff is located. Red crosses on the map are misleading and don't give the location of keys (Click here for the screenshot of the map). This map can be viewed in-game using the Steam browser, it becomes very useful for cross-checking the actual street names compared to the street names on the map, should you become disoriented while moving around in the fog).

Notes on finding stuff: Here are the locations to find the 4 keys (again use my my map to get a bearing on the locations) :

    * Key 1 is located by a police car at the end of Finney Street (at 3 o'clock on my map)

    * Key 2 is located outside of the house in the letterbox at the end of Ellroy Street.

    * Key 3 is located in the alleyway behind the cafΓ© (look at my map to see where the alley is). Go down the alleyway and find double gates into a yard, look for the basketball post to find the key, there is also a red ammo box nearby.

     * Key 4 is located in the small dog kennel on Levin Street, look for a house symbol on the pavement, this is also where the house is with the safe room inside. This key can also be found on my street map, where the "safe house" icon is shown.

    * There is a florist shop in Finney Street, and nearby is an alleyway, at the end is a gate, open it and follow the pathway to the end to find weapons and 2 med kits.

    * The doors to most houses won't open. The only doors on this map that open up are the cafΓ©, the shop store, the building site and the safe room house. These locations usually have med kits, pills and weapons. Also, some of the alleyways have items too.

NOTE: I have on occasion encountered a rare graphical glitch in this campaign, where keys and various items can't be seen. I'm not sure if this is a map or server issue, but it can be quickly resolved by restarting L4D and reloading the campaign. 

CHAPTER 2 - School

OBJECTIVES: Find the following: a bottle of acid, a decapitated hand and a key, a black piano and a key, and the power generator switch in the basement for opening the secret door.

After leaving the safe room turn left and find the street map signpost at the end of the street. An Uzi will be under the street map signpost. Next, go to the school as shown on the map. Leave the rest of the map areas alone, this is no doubt just a ruse by the author to act as a distraction to extend playtime for this chapter.

At the school go to the inner courtyard. In one corner is a secret stone door. it is locked for now. It will take you to the safe room eventually, but first, the 2 puck keys must be found:

* Go upstairs to the end of the corridor and find the room with the bottle on a shelf, then go to the adjacent room, find the desk with a puck key, and pour liquid on the decapitated hand to dissolve it, so it releases the key, then pick up key. This is the first key for the secret stone door.

* On the ground floor in one of the end classrooms can be found a red ammo box.

* Go to the generator room, to get there, look for the stairwell at the corner of the corridor on the ground floor, and go down to the basement, which leads to the generator room switch. This switch opens up some locked doors in the corridors and gives electric power to open the secret stone door in the courtyard.

* On the first floor, not far from the front entrance, there is a black (white highlighted) piano, go and 'push' it along its right side, but make sure it is highlighted, else it cannot be pushed. Now look for the second puck key, it should drop to the floor from the blackboard. Pick it up.

* Now go to the inner courtyard and go to the stone door again. The 2 puck keys and the electric power have now opened this door. The 2 keys can be seen mounted on the wall. Go inside drop down through a hole in the floor and enter the safe room.

CHAPTER 3 - School Part 2

OBJECTIVES: Find the following - a table with a door key, a red ball, a hole in the roof gutter, a water tap, a drain pipe key, and a locker room key. These items unlock many doors that eventually open the stairwell door in the corner of the corridor on the first floor, this doorway will take you down to the safe room. 

* Exit the safe room and use the ladder to get to the courtyard. unlock the double doors and find the room on the ground floor that has a table with 7 miniature doors on it, look at the nearby text hint and pick up the silver door, this is the key to unlock a silver door.

* Look for a locked white door at the corner of the corridor on the ground floor. You need to find the key to open this door. This is the main door that will eventually take you to the basement area.

* A short distance away is a room with 2 zombies hanging from a wall, this is where the silver door is locked, now open it with the key you have. Now go through this door until you find another room with 3 phones on a table. 2 doors in this room are also locked, to open them use the phone as highlighted on the table. This will trigger a panic event and will unlock those doors.

* Use these doors to find an adjacent room, look for 3-bed trolleys. One has a red ball on it, pick it up. Now find the staircase adjacent to this room, go up to the roof and over to the far corner and look for a gully with a text hint over it, place the ball in the drain gully hole and go and turn the valve on by the water tank. The water will now flow down into the gully and into a drain pipe.

* Now go back downstairs to the courtyard and find the rainwater pipe, here will be found the key that has come down and out of the pipe. Pick it up.

* Now go to the first floor and find a brown door that is locked. It will have a text hint to inform you to use your key to unlock that door.

* Now backtrack and go to the locker room on the first floor. Open a locker door with blood on it and look for a key dropping out onto the floor from an adjacent nearby locker. Pick the key up. Now look for a room on the first floor that has doors with bars across them. a text hint will help you to use this locker room key, this will then remove the bars. Now go back till you come to the white door at the corner of the corridor, open it, and take the stairs all the way to the basement until you see a large iron gate.

* The gate will automatically open into a large room. Be prepared to fight a tank(s) here. When the door closes behind you, you will be trapped in the room with the tank. The safe room is behind another iron gate on the opposite side of this room, but first, the tank has to be killed, before that door will open. When the door finally opens, you may encounter another tank, if so, kill him, then go to the safe room.

CHAPTER 4 - Church

OBJECTIVES: Find the key to the church to open the safe room door. 

* Exit (safe room) basement generator room. Get outside of the building. It's quite foggy outside. Go to the street where the white van is, then follow the street to the end, a tank will spawn here, kill him, and then turn left into the alleyway. at the end of the alley is 1 med kit and a pipebomb. Halfway along this alleyway on the right side is a wooden gate to a house, go to the back door then through the house and out through the front door. turn right, then at the junction, turn left. go to the end of the street then turn left into the alleyway. go to the end and turn right. then follow the road till you see the church on the right side at the crossroad.

* Go inside the church and collect the key from the altar. A panic event will start. After the event, leave the church and carry on up the street till you get to the raised bridge. the building to the right is the safe room. the door only opens when you have the key from the church. 

CHAPTER 5 - Hospital

OBJECTIVES: Find a key at the hospital to open a door to a basement that has a generator room, then start an electric power switch to activate elevator doors to get into the safe room.

Leave the safe room and head down the foggy street to a crossroad. In the police station are pistols, auto-shotguns and medkits. Leave the station then go down the street till you reach the hospital. Find the office on the ground floor and collect the key on a table. Then use the key to open the basement door that is nearby. Go downstairs to the generator room and start the power up for the elevator, then go to it and press the button to open the door to the safe room. 

CHAPTER 6 - Hosptial part 2

OBJECTIVES: Find the following -  a bag of blood, a gas lighter, a bottle of disinfectant alcohol, 4 stone plates, 1 key for a basement door, and 1 key for the safe room. 

Exit the elevator on the 4th floor and travel the dark corridors to the stairwell, go down to the 3rd-floor landing and through the double doors on the right. (note: the floor numbers are on the walls in the stairwell).

The 3rd floor:

* Search the first room on the left for a blue square stone ( it's a special key), it's on the back wall ledge next to a wall grille. this will trigger an event with hunters, so be careful here.

*Look for a storage room nearby which has many empty shelves. on one of the shelves is a blood bag. pick it up. also, an auto shotgun is in this room.

* Find the room with many operating tables, the back wall has a white square stone. pick it up. a panic event will start and hunters will spawn here, so again be careful here.

* Go back to the stairwell landing, go downstairs to the 2nd-floor level and enter the doorway to the right.

The 2nd floor:

* Find the room with a yellow gas lighter on a table, and pick it up.

* Now find the room that has a door with a wooden placeholder with a yellow square button in the middle of it, this is the button to open the door eventually, but first you must find and collect 4 coloured stones to put into the placeholder, these stones can be found in 4 rooms on different floors, (see a screenshot of the door here. Note that the blue stone is already fitted in this picture)

* Find the room with the nasty creature with red tentacles and the pale green stone on the wall. You must give the blood pack to the creature first before taking the stone off the wall, without the blood bag the creature will kill you.

* Now go back to the stairwell and down the stairs to the 1st floor.

The 1st floor:

* Go to the room on the right, this is where the safe room is. but first, a key needs to be found to open this door.

* Find the open doorway with stairs that lead to the basement, here can be found a locked door. The key for this is in the morgue room behind the door with the stone placeholder.

* First find the room with the red stone on a table on the 1st floor, and pick it up, this will now be added to the door placeholder on the 2nd floor. All 4 stones are now installed on that door, so return to the 2nd floor, go to that door and press the middle yellow button to open it.

* Now go into the room and get the basement door key which is on the morgue table, and pick it up. This will start a panic event and spawn several hunters. After the event, go into the adjacent room and pick up a bottle of disinfectant alcohol on a table, then return back to the 1st floor and find that doorway with the stairs that go down to the basement.

The basement:

* Find the generator room, it has tier 2 weapons.

* Now go to the door, now opened, by the key you found in the morgue room. 

* In this room will be lots of storage shelves and a bookcase blocking a door. push the bookcase sideways to open a door behind it.

* Enter the room, on the floor is a gate that should open automatically when approached.

* There is some creeper plant growth blocking the opening. this needs to be burned away using the lighter and the bottle of alcohol.

* Now go down the steps to a sub-basement, open the double doors and find the room with the safe room key and a photograph, pick up the key, 2 boomers will now spawn, so be careful here with the horde attacks.

* There is also a room with a little girl in it - but she does not seem to be related to any events.

* Now return to the safe room on the 1st floor, the door will now be open.

CHAPTER 7 - Small Chapel

OBJECTIVES: OBJECTIVES: Find the following - a door key. Kill a tank to open a gate. Kill another tank to remove bars from the safe room door.

* In the hospital safe room pick up the key on the table, this will unlock a room door later on. Leave the hospital and go out onto the main street. There is only one main street here, it's quite long, but just follow it all the way to the car park.

* At the car park go to the upper level and find a wall ladder which goes down to a small concealed compound area with a room which has 2 med kits and a pistol.

* Go back up the ladder to the car parked by the wall. there is a walking plank on it. shoot the planks of the fence panel and jump up on the car, then jump down onto the street below. jumping on the car will trigger a panic event for a horde. after the event go to the end of the street and look for a doorway that has steps down to a basement. at the bottom is a locked door. here the key (picked up at the safe house) will open the door. Inside the room is an ammo box.

* Go to a bookcase blocking a doorway and push it away. then open the door and enter a small church-like alter room. wait for the 4 candles to ignite then enter a false "safe room" and close its door. here you will be teleported into some other room. leave this room and go up the steps and outside and turn left till you come to a door opening into a mall.

* Inside the mall go up the escalator. then walk past the jewellery shop (the shop also has an ammo box and med kit), but be careful walking past the shop here as the floor will eventually break as you approach a med kit seen on the floor in front of you. if you fall through the floor you will either be uncapped or die. Also if you see pills lying on a small edge on the first floor, avoid them, this is a trap floor and WILL kill you.

* The zombie body also lying on the floor is where the floor will collapse, when the floor falls away a ladder will be seen, go down it. At the bottom, a tank will come and break the iron gate down and enter the room, the gate will then close. You have to kill the tank first before the iron gate will reopen to let you pass through. 

* Pass through the open gate and walk to the metal gantry where the windmill is, another tank will spawn here somewhere, kill the tank, then follow the gantry all the way around until you come to a large open area with 4 traffic light signals. This area will become briefly cordoned off and a panic event will start. 

* Once the hordes are killed head along the main street till you see a metal staircase which leads up to the safe room. The safe room will be locked. A tank will spawn here. Kill it, then the safe room door will unlock for you to enter it.

CHAPTER 8 - The Sewers

OBJECTIVES:  Find 2 keys in the sewers to unlock a gate and the safe room door. 

* Leave the safe room and follow the main street to the police station at the crossroad. In the police station is a pistol, medkit and auto shotguns. 

* From the police station/crossroad head up the main street till you get to the lowered bridge. From here you will be instantly teleported to an enclosed fenced-in compound. Open the gate and go down the ladder into the sewers. 

The sewers:

* A tank(s) can spawn anywhere here, so be careful!

* Follow the tunnel to the end and turn left, go to the end and turn right, then go to the end and open the gate and turn right. Now go through another gate into a small office.

* On the wall is a notice board with a key. Pick it up. This key is needed to open a locked door at the other end of the sewers, which leads to another key for the safe room.

* Now backtrack by leaving the room by the door you came in and turn left through the gate. Head back to the first junction and turn left, go to the end of the tunnel till you reach a locked gate and fenced wall. The key you have will open the gate here.

* Now follow the tunnel till you reach a yellow gate, and climb the ladder to the next level. At the top turn left into the next tunnel.

* Now follow this tunnel to the end and turn right, then go to the end. Here will be found the safe room, but the door is locked. To get its key, head down the tunnel through 2 gates till you get to the very end. Now look carefully at the steel grate floor, Here will be found the key. Pick it up. (note: sometimes the key is bugged and can't be picked up, if it can't be picked up, don't worry, as the safe room door will unlock anyway). Also, 2 boomers will spawn with a horde, so be vigilant before picking up the key here.

* Now head back the way you came to the (now unlocked) safe room and enter it.

CHAPTER 9 - The Resort Area

OBJECTIVES: Find the following - 2 keys at the food bar, 2 keys in the shop, 1 key near a bookcase, and 1 magnet to use on a key. Use the "teleporter" at the bridge. Locate the lighthouse.

The Town Restort Area:

* Leave the sewer (safe room) and climb the ladder to get to the town above. Look nearby for a med kit and ammo box, and find the signpost with the street map. (Here's the screenshot of the town map).

* Now go along the main street and turn left into Craig Street, turn first right, head to Annie's Bar and open the front door. Inside pick up 2 keys. 1 key is for motel room #3 door, and the other is for the door at the "Indian Runner" shop.

* Go back outside and head down Craig Street to the "Indian Runner" Shop and use the key to open the door.

* Inside the shop can be found 2 other keys, 1 key is hidden in a drawer. This key will open the Safe door. In the Safe is a motel office key together with 4 med kits, pills, pipes and pistols.

* Now leave the shop and turn left, go along Weaver Street till you see the motel on the right side. Look for a white door and use the key you now have.

* Inside the motel office, pick up the magnet from the couch. Another door is locked here, but first, go to motel room #3, open the door and go inside and move the bookcase, the floor has a hole in it with another key. Use the magnet to get it out of the hole. Now go back to the motel office and unlock the other door to the garage. Inside will be found tier-2 weapons and ammo.

* Now go back outside and head along Sandford Street till you get to a lowered bridge. Once at the end of this street, you will get teleported from the bridge to a pier on the other side of town.

The Pier Resort Area:

* Travel along the main street till you reach the very end of the pier. Here will be the safe house, but it is locked. Now go back along the street till you see the shop called "Things and Stuff, " Now take the street opposite where the map signpost is, and follow this street to the pier where the lighthouse is at the very end. (note: on the route, search the boat on the pier, it has a pistol, pills and a med kit). 

* When you arrive at the lighthouse, open the door and go up the spiral staircase to the platform at the top. there will be a text hint, advising to go to the amusement park. Now backtrack to the safe house, it will now be unlocked for you to enter it. This will take you to the next chapter where the amusement park is located. 

CHAPTER 10 - Amusement Park

OBJECTIVES: Find and kill the tank on the merry-go-round. Then go to the safe house.

The Underground complex:

From the safe area descend down the ladder to the underground complex. It's very dark down here. Go along the tunnel till the next one on the right appears. (a med kit should be around here). Now go down this second tunnel to the end and turn right. (an ammo box should be around here). Now travel this tunnel till you see another one on the left side, go through this till you reach a very large dark room with many vertical pylons. Look for a ladder and climb up it. At the top is a metal-decked platform floor and the amusement park. 

The Amusement Park:

* First knock the railing fence down to get onto the metal-decked street.

* Watch out a tank may spawn here, but he can be defeated by getting him to fall off the platform.

* Now follow the one-way street till you reach the Magic Tank-burger Bar, smash the signs over the serving counter and get the 4 med kits and ammo box inside the room.

* Go from the burger stall and look for the merry-go-round ride close by, get onto it. Once the ride starts the iron gates will close, and a tank will then appear. There is no getting off this ride while it is rotating around, so you are trapped with the tank till you kill him. This is the hardest part of the chapter. Once the tank is dead the ride will stop and the exit gate will open and you can get off and go to the safe room.

CHAPTER 11 - Nowhere

OBJECTIVES: Find the following - 6 door keys: the key of Ophiel, the Key of Hagith, the Key of Beloth, the Key of Phaleg, the birdcage key, the dagger key, the knife, the 3 black signs, the amulet of Solomon, the green "Stone of Time," the "Ring of Contract," and the "witch" alter with candles.

* Leave the safe room, take the walkway through the double doors and then descend many ladders till you get to the bottom of the complex. 

* Follow the main corridor to the first room on the left. here a key is stuck in the pipe, we need a knife to get the key out of it, go left in the main corridor, but make a note of all the names on the doors. Now find the locked door with the name 'Ophiel' on it. Now go to an adjacent doorway and down some steps into a classroom basement and find a room with the knife on the table, now backtrack to the room with the pipe, and use the knife to release the 'key of Ophiel' from the pipe. Now go to the 'Ophiel' door and unlock it with the key and enter the 'Opheil' corridor. 

* Now go to the first locked door on the right and shoot at the following notices: "alarm," "alter," and "alert". The door here will now open.

* Go to the far room and collect the 'amulet of Solomon,' It's a star hanging on the wall. 

* Return to the Opheil corridor and go into the symbols room. Press the 9 buttons on the "Stone of Time" column, then pick up the green square.

* Now return to the main corridor and go through the door next to the "Phaleg" door. Follow the corridor to the end till you find a room with a clock. Now put the green square stone over the clock's face. The glass below it will break and will give you the 'key of Hagith.'

* Now go back to the main corridor and unlock the "Hagith" door, go to the lift doors, when they open, tanks will be seen trapped in cages, run past them and up the first and second ramp to the wall with 2 pictures and the candles, shoot the 2 pictures, this will light the candles and open the door on the left and right side of you.

* Find a medkit inside the room on the right, and find a key in the room on the left, it's on a chair. it is the "birdcage" key. Pick it up. Be careful not to fall into the hole in the floor, or else you will die.

* Now go back down the top ramp and through the double door opening ahead of you. Find the third room on the left with the red ammo box, medkit, pistol and the "ring of contract." Pick them up.

* Now go back downstairs to the ladder room and find an adjacent room that has the birdcage in it, go and get the 'key of Phaleg' out of the birdcage.

* Now go and open the adjacent door in the main corridor. Enter the 'Phaleg' corridor, go to the second door on the right and pick up the 'key of Bethor' on a shelf. 

* Go back to the 'Phaleg' corridor to the door named 'Bethor' and unlock it with the key. In the room will be tier-2 weapons and a medkit. Also, in an adjacent room is another medkit.

* Now go across the corridor to the Kitchen. Inside is an oven with a cross-like dagger, it's stuck just below the oven doors. If you try to take the dagger out, the doors will open and a creature with long red tentacles will try to kill you. On the oven doors can be seen a broken chain. Use the 'ring of contract' to join this chain together to stop the doors from opening. This will now stop that nasty creature from attacking you. Now you can take the dagger. This will be used as a key to open the locked door at the end of the 'Phaleg' corridor.

* Now go to that white door (now unlocked) at the end of the corridor and open it. Inside the room will be seen the dagger and a star (amulet of Solomon) on another door, these 2 items will now open that door. Now go down the wooden staircase to the basement corridor. A tank may spawn here, be prepared to kill him. Now look for an opening in the corridor wall. This will lead to a safe room.

NOTE: There are 4 concealed safe rooms in this corridor, the game will randomly choose to reveal one of these rooms. Depending upon which safe room gets opened (revealed) will give the team one of four different finales, and these are:

* The safe room with the "UFO" - will load the map for finale #1.
* The safe room with the "miniature street" model - will load the map for finale #2.
* The safe room with the "symbol" on the metal grate - will load the map for finale #3 
* The safe room with the "fenced grass verge" - will load the map for finale #4

NOTE: A veteran player had told me that there is no spawn room closet on the chapter 11 maps. This is untrue. I found a rescue closet after one of the bots had died. The spawn room exists behind a locked door to some other concealed area. It just means that players who get killed on this map will just have to wait until the other players find the key to unlock that door to gain access to that spawn closet.

CHAPTER 12 - The 4 Finales

Finale #1 - The Motel

At the Green Motel, there is a garage with medkits, pills, weapons, mollies and pipe bombs.

To activate the finale event go to the cow standing in car park. A UFO above the cow will levitate the cow up into the craft and fly away. There will be 2 horde and Tank panic events. After the last Tank is killed, go up onto the highest motel roof and wait for the UFO to return. It will then teleport the team into the craft for them to escape. The end. 

Finale #2 - The town streets

You start in a fenced compound. Follow the only path to a fence blocking your pathway. You will now be teleported to the other side of this fence. From here, follow the path till you get to an iron gate. Open it, now follow the alleyway till you reach the main street, turn right and follow the street till you get to a crossroad. Now turn left and follow the street till you get up to a car by the tunnel. This is your escape car. The end. 

NOTE: There is some kind of bug with this finale map because occasionally panic events with the hordes and Tanks will not happen.

Finale #3 - Otherworld

You start in a dark pit, on a metal grate floor with a cryptic symbol on it. Follow the metal path to the iron-bar gate. You will be teleported to the arena on the other side of the gate. From here go to the yellow symbol on the floor and wait for the usual two hordes and tank attacks, Once the second tank is dead, a green/white door will open, now run through its alleyway to the fence at the far end. This is the escape point. The end. 

Finale #4 - Street maze

You start in a fenced compound. Go to the huge building with the door. Open it and follow the very long corridor through various building interiors till you reach the last door at the end of the corridor which takes you outside onto the street. From here, a horde event will start, wait for the fence gate to open, then follow the maze-like pathway between the fences. You will come to another fence gate that is locked. The will be a med kit next to it. Wait here until the first horde and tank are killed. When the second horde event starts, the fence gate will open. Now follow the maze-like path all the way to the next locked fence gate, where the blue car is located. There should be another 2 med-kits and mollies nearby. Wait for the second tank and then kill it. Another horde event will start with a third tank,  the gate will now open, run through it fast and down the street till you reach another grate path, at the end of it is a door, run through it and down to the end of the road. This is the escape point. The end. 


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