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Effective Add-ons Survival:How To.

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Left 4 Dead Guide

Welcome to my guide all who are interesting about serious surv sessions on the Custom battlefields.No secret a lot of custom maps are too easy or bugged.Here I put a useful tactics for some best custom Survival Mode add-ons,deserving efforts of serious 4/4 team.


Survival Mode have rules,no difference which map you try,official or custom.
1.Essential teamwork.
2.One and only survival weapon is shotgun(except few special maps with 1-2 sniper rifle).
3.There are time breaks in game mechanic for the grabbing ammo,healing,etc.There are:1:40;2:40(optional),4:00,6:00,9:00,12:00,and every 2 min. afterwards.
4.Knowledge of effective defensive positions(4/4).
5.Prepare your camping before starting event(store cans,etc.)
6.Grab first throwables far away of your camping to save the nearest ones for the future.
7.There are double tanks in about 5:30.Shooting the tank is the main priority for the whole team whenever it approach.Lead the tanks.
8.Cover your teammate while he get up the downer.Cover healing person.Replace turning red mate on the hardcore direction if you're green.
9.Use the pipes and mollies only in difficult moments,don't waste them for no reason.
10.Communication is highly recommended,use mics,bind through console the main phrases:"Ammo","Tank","Help",etc.To bind it you must open the console(~),write "bind <key>say <your phrase>"
11.Expirienced survivors clear stucked SI in time breaks(watch #3) to prevent the double tanks spawn(it's game mechanic).
12.What a shame to be a cheater,take your results legitimely! 

Add-ons downloading/installation

There are a couple best sources to get Survival add-ons to your PC:
Enter captcha,click to Download button,open this vpk file;open Computer-Program Files(x86)-Steam-steamapps-common-left 4 dead-left 4 dead-addons;install new file there. 

Dedicated servers for Custom Survival gaming-how to.

There are no official or best available servers for the custom Surv maps.In fact the local hosting having high ping and lags during the sessions,I'd like to propose to you join http://l4d-survival.com/news.php through the Steam.This respectable Surv community have a 3 servers.
You can join to the server by clicking "check site" button on the main page,then find free one on the opening list,click "join".When connection will be done,you will find yourself on some official Surv map,last after last team,it's ok.Type in chat(button Y) "!mapvote" and choice in opening list your Custom map,there are a lot of them.It's nice to play by complete team on the good server with a comfortable ping.
*NOTE:in case you're created game on local server,type in console <sv_pausable 1>,<unpause>,bind it,and use while lags till ping becomes low. 

Maps strategies

Theatre Of The Dead

4 shotguns
Although this huge map have a rich detailed environments,the best defensive spot of all is outside the cineplex,in the corner between the white truck and red car.
Tanks incoming mostly from the player B,also a lot of smokers spawning through the door of cineplex,so B must have a skills to deal with it.Big amount of cans spread over the whole map,you may store the gas cans behind the red car or inside the truck,but its not really necessary.Be aware the red car is moveable by tanks.
Common hordes incoming from the all sides,except the very corner of walls.
In need of medies you can run to the main hall or somewhere else,a lot of supplies spread over the whole area here and there.


3 shotguns/1 sniper rifle
This sunny wide opened map one of the rare ones in L4D.There is possibility to survive here as a shotties quartet,but I personally prefer to assist to my heavily armed mates as a sniper.
Sniper A must covering teammates from the all sides,his targets are SI and distanced tanks.Player B must be aware about dangerous short distanced incoming hordes and tanks literally jumping out from round the cornere of the right rock.Some SI may stucked inside the rock,it's a bug.Also there is possibility smoker can pulled someone out of the nav to the unreacheable area.
Cars on the highway are moveable,be careful and avoid them when tanks begin a Dancing Cars Party.
Supplies are reacheable for runs.In case you prefer survive here as a 4 shotties,kill yourselves in first event to get the all 4 shotguns spawn(first opening map weapon spawn is only 3 shotguns).

Hotell Swiss

4 shotguns
Take the spot inside the opposite building in front the hotel.
Players C and D have the most hardcore direction.Tanks incoming mainly through the open door or climbing to the wide window.A bunch of smokers will be gathered in the pool's bottom,try to shot or burn them in breaks to avoid the double tanks.
Alternative camp is on the second floor corridor of the Hotel.
All you need is just hold on a downstairs.Infected have no any other nav route,they incoming only from the ground floor.Bad news here is friendly fire possibility and pretty hardcore ammo run downstairs acts.
However there is alternative route for ammo runs.Here it is:
Be aware of SI party on open air though.

Train Yard(We Don't Go To Ravenholm)

3 shotguns/1 sniper rifle
This Half-Life port is tough for L4D gameplay because of the different environment levels.Smokers pulling survivors down,also every descending run for the ammo is definitely dangerous,try to not be overwhelmed by SI and common infected.
Player C should sit down stricktly behind the column to have a protection from the smokers tongues.Sniper D must quickly clear the SI on the roof and harm incoming distanced tanks as much as possible.
Infected attacks in a such ways:
As you see,yellow line is free of them.
Gas cans can be in safe under the ladder.


4 shotguns
This pretty easy map still have a challenge.There are a lot of camping spots in this wide open small town block.I took Gold with 3 bots inside the house,inside the store,outside (between the back wall and store),and with free ride around the police car.However the best holding spot for the complete team to get the biggest time is definitely lighting porch in front of police "Plymouth" car.
It's obvious the main profit of this positions are long ranged distance around to clear incoming attacks and generous supplies set near,including 4 medpacks.Gas cans may be saved in the porch bends or awning garage near by.

Final Fortress

4 shotguns
This solid army fort have a useful camping spot in the cellar,but the best one is spot in the main room with medkits(your spawn place).
Tanks incoming from the 3 directions,the peculiarity of this add-on is a bit often tanks spawn.At the same time hidding place to save a big amount of cans is pretty problematic here.


4 shotguns 
This Opera Hall is open spaced,and the best position is to hide inside one of two sided under-stage corridors,near the piano in the orchestra pit.
This map is not too easy.Although the corridor walls are not breakable and infected incoming only from two ends,the corridor is pretty narrow,therefore you must strongly coordinate your deeds to effective deal with Tanks.When Tank arrive,front players must crouching back along the walls,while the back players support them to shoot him between them through the center to not damage mates by friendly fire. ACDB or CABD.
Reacheable ammo pile settled on the stage,and every ammo run is dangerous,a lot of SI spawning in auditorium,that's why the optimal way to happily grab the ammo is going through the upper end of corridor,run through the stage and jump down to the piano in orchestra pit to get the downer end of corridor as quickly as possible.

Plegaria(Quedan 4x Morir)

4 shotguns
To survive here take positions outside far away from the church between the tractor and truck.Ammo and supplies are on the truck.
Three front players stay in line,fourth one is supporting them by active pistols shooting(switching on shotgun support when Tank comes),also watching back.Sometimes infected attacks coming from the back side.Cans can be stored between the houses back.
A lot of smokers stuck near main enter to the church on the left side's fence.Kill them in breaks to avoid the double tanks.

El Ultimo Juego(Quedan 4x Morir)

4 shotguns
Stay near ammo pile in cinema lobby.
A) & B) covering main entrances;C) & D) guarding cinema hall enter.Some infected can income from the toilets,pantry,etc.-but it's not crucial.Reach agreement who will assist to kill the tanks to opposite couple as a third person,last one must keep position alone while temporary trio shoot this incoming boss.It's mutual.Grab the first pre-match throwables in the toilets to save nearest ones for the future.In case overwhelming action one teammate can pull back to support both sides in difficulties.

Supermarket Funtimes

4 shotguns
This is a small map,that's why usual infected spawn become a very intensive here.Short distance transform gameplay in hardcore last stand,especially after 16 minute.
Stay in service storage room,guarding enter to the merchandise hall.Auto-loader is unmoveable by tanks.The bad news is back gaping door out,common hordes attacks from there are irritating.
In difference with other maps gas cans here are absolutely need for you to hold on longer.Find them in the small pantry near the cash-desk and hide between shelves and back wall where you camping.

Brutal Littoral

4 shotguns
This map is not easy and require a compilation of two defensive campings during the match.
Session beginning position,Garage:
Walls are not breakable,therefore all you need is to clear incoming infected from opened enter side.This spot would be a perfect spot at all,but there is a HUGE problem inside-moveable car.You must quikly shot tanks down before them reach the car or at least strictly lead tanks aloof of car,because one tank's punch=mass incap.However it's possible to effectively hold on here for a long time,in first attempts we stayed here untill 15 minute.But keeping in mind AI Director makes action harder after Gold border,I'd highly recommend to change Garage position to the next spot in 9 minute's break because this is the longest break of all
Last stand position,Cottage's First Floor:
Keep in mind furniture is hittable.Gas cans can be stored on the second floor.Also you may retreat up in difficulties.Tanks doesnt arrive from the second floor when you're on the first one.

The Lost City 2.0

4 shotguns
Take your position in the very corner between two buildings:
Infected neither coming from the back side,nor dropping down the roof-all you need is to hold on your front line.Tanks incoming from the left and right sides;left wall is a great cover to dodge rocks from the left.Sometimes tanks stucking in the windows,so time breaks are a bit inexact.
Ammo runs route:
A) covering left side,B) covering right side(mainly second floor windows),while C) & D) grabbing supplies.Then C) & D) covering A) & B).Spread propane cans around main area before starting match.
Pipes are more useful here than mollies.Save bombs as long as you can.We used them after 16 minute.Medkits singled on the four opposite square corners.However they are reachable.

Train Station(The Grave Outdoors)

4 shotguns
Respect to author,this is a huge realistic twilight thriller zone.Two camping spots are available here,both shown on the video below.
Station strategy.Positions:
For lack of light and narrow distance B & C side is a most hardcore.A & D can use assault rifle/hunting rifle to clear distanced infected,switching on shotguns when tanks approach.Staying on ammo pile you no need to conserve it,also you can spamming full-loaded weapon instead of reloading.Sometimes tanks dancing on the roof,dropping here or there.Kill them 2+1.
Cliff corner strategy.Positions:
The great advantage of this camping is one side defense.Hold your front.Sometimes some little SI drops down from the cliff,but in most of time back side is absolutely clear.Dodge tank's rocks.Ammo runs a bit uncomfortable (handrail),but still acceptable.No need to mention here about this strategy gives you a best lighting and more space.

Final Terminus

4 shotguns
Due the best camping between two ammo piles take positions in waiting-hall.
This map is perfect balanced with tough but still fun gameplay.Infected don't stuck anywhere,a big amount of SI incoming from the 3 sides(opposite closed doors will broken in the very first minutes of round).Author made the distance to the team barely enough to have time to kill the bursting Tanks before they reach you,so team must coordinate firing as fast as can.Be aware of smokers pulling from behind through the short lattice under position of player B.
A special strangeness of this add-on is periodical infernal shining with a pretty hard intensity,that last every time about 30-40 seconds,then ceased.It's not correlate with time breaks or someting else,and disturbing gameplay a bit.However its not crucial.
Gas cans are pretty useful here,it would be nice to store them before round between the desk and wall(position D),try to not shooting them.

Coal Freighter

4 shotguns
In November of 2016 Turtle Rock Studios released an unfinished beta campaign for L4D1 along with a couple independent survival maps that never shipped. Coal Freighter is the best of them.
Supplies placed on the bow,deck,at the stern,and in the hold.Although it's possible to constantly camp on bow or at the stern,it looks like preferable strategy is free ride during the session along far deck.
Infected spawn here a bit unrealistic,they incoming even from underwater,climbing up the vessel.However main threating direction for survivors is moor.
Be aware the deck will gape out with opening hatches in time progress.Fall there could incap you.Leave hold as fast as you can,grab supplies,go back up.
It's not hard to reach supplies on bow or at the stern,you can defend there for a while,but not too long because it will be harder to deal with incoming tanks.Especially at the stern tanks dropping down from the rooftop and there no much area to avoid them.

I hate fireworks

4 shotguns
In about 3 holding places available here,but the most useful are
Dead End of the Street:
Hall of Hotel:
Creator made random spawn of supplies every time across this map,therefore you must have a patience to restart the map run so much times as it would be enough to bring you ammo pile right on your camping spot.It's absolutely dogma because the ammo pile at the main square too problematic for ammo runs.Also sometimes there are no 4 shotguns spawn across the whole this map,so there is possibility to take the hunting rifle for the fourth survivor,it still ok for the Street strategy.Tough Hotel massacre strongly require full 4 shotguns blast.
Gas cans here definitely can help you to get some extra time,therefore it's wise to hide them behind on every camping spot whenever you were.

Recording video

You can create an in-game videos.There is possibility to record a demo in L4D.Just open console,write "bind f4"record <name>","bind f5"stop".Recorded demos open by SHIFT+f2.To make your clip re-record demo by Fraps,here I put some useful console commands to hide interface(works under sv_cheats 1):
cl_drawhud 0 
hidehud 4
cl_glow_brightness 0
r_drawviewmodel 0
no clip on/off 


L4D is abandoned game in novadays,and Custom L4D maps are especially lost planets.However them have a great potential for really epic Last Battles in case you have got a complete skillful team.Try it and you'll love it.Good luck and see you in game! 


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