Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
How To Install Left 4 Dead(2) Addons?
How To Install Addons for Left 4 Dead(2)
1) Download WinRAR which can be found here
2) Download the addon you want.
3) When the download has finished, open the addon file via WinRAR.
4) Click 'Extract To'.
5) Extract to the Left 4 Dead(2) addons folder (C: > Program Files > Steam >Steamapps> Common > Left 4 Dead(2) > Left 4 Dead(2) > Addons).
6) Run Left 4 Dead(2), and enjoy :)
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Tamakuru December 2017
why my mod is invicible ? please help me
MrFuntimeYT March 2017
my l4d1 folder doesnt have a addons folder should i make one or something?
HungryAsAHippy April 2017
Hmm, I actually don't know about that one. I guess you could try if you haven't already?
GameMapsLuvar August 2016
I got the noSTEAM version.
HungryAsAHippy April 2017
I think it should still work with noSTEAM. Just send the addon directory to the noSTEAM l4d addon folder.
geraldscarface August 2016
no friend, in L4D1 is completely different, and does not exist workshop for L4D1
HungryAsAHippy April 2017
Some addons haven't worked with this method but others have. I've downloaded other mods in the past using this method despite the workshop not exisiting for L4D.