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Man VS Tank - Left 4 Dead Achievement Guide

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Left 4 Dead Guide

Man VS Tank

Map: Death Toll - Boat House Finale
1) Change difficulty to expert.
2) Kill the bots.
3) Change difficulty to easy.
4) When you leave the saferoom, take the pipebomb that will be on the army truck right outside the door, and throw it to kill all infected outside.
5) Make your way through the map.
6) After you make your way through the house (which is the only way to go), a tank will (most likely) spawn. This is your best chance to earn this achievement because you're in an open area. Make sure you have an auto-shotgun with you, as this weapon does the most damage to the tank than any other. Note* Be sure to watch for Hunters and Smokers, and aim for the tank's head when shooting


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