Silent Hill: Otherside of Life

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    One of challenging old campaigns with puzzles that I love

    I've played this several times & it's still fun to play, at least for those who love solving puzzles. Though there's a new version updated by someone, I still prefer this version as this brings some fun past memories and the puzzles are still doable with reasonable difficulties. I still remember that I had to stop the play & repeat again another day when I got stuck & had no idea of where to go on certain maps, like map 3 & 5. I did some backtracks for minutes to look for keys on map 4 & 6. But all of them gave great satisfaction when finally after learning the puzzles, I started from beginning & could clear this campaign in one go, in about 1 hour & 30 minutes. I hope that there are more campaigns with puzzles like this in the future.

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