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  • Review after last uzpdate

    Tested on modded server with 5 player (10 player slot) and 74 smx, no conflict. 
    In map 3, where is needed to find new 3 keys to unlock saferoom, we found all 3, but we opened only 2 locks, one plank with lock stays, so we suicide and start again. after hard research, and obtain all 3 random keys again, we still open 2/3 locks, but upper was stay unlocked, and was possible to pass ducky under it.
    In map 6, we search 1st keycard 3 times on all floors and courtyard outside, but was nowhere, weird was, we all time find it before your last update, and in logs u say u didnt change anything. 
    Finale is much better where finally i see CI and tanks. 
    Suggestion: Can you consider after some time if players cant find keys to highlight them, like in custom map Wan li.
    (add a help system (full glowing) if you don't find the parachute bags after xy min.)
    People leave server after to much search keys on open world map.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • map 3 has 4 keys (3 from fence door and 1 saferoom's), map 6 has 5 random spots of each keycard, and yes it's original by Leafo, I didn't changed it yet.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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