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  • 6 Maps
    Dead Before Dawn (Uncut)
    Beta N/A

    "BrInG mE a BeEr, h'I nEeD a BeEeEeR!!!" (c) Hank Kowalski This is a very first version of this campaign ever released before even Left 4 Dead 2 came out. It has cut from further versions tasks, randomizations, voicelines, overall ma...

  • Mod
    Silent Hill: Special Infected Pack (Optional)

    Special Infected models. Works only in both Silent Hill campaigns. In order to make it work this mod should be above campaign's vpk. This contains mission txt, so you need to download it again after campaign's update. If a host doensn't ...

  • 16 Maps
    Silent Hill 1

    This version of Silent Hill 1 by Leafo will be continuation of what PopTheseFools has started. From now on, I'm taking over the campaign and will provide you with active updates, so if you're still subscribed to his or any other versions...

  • Mod
    Custom Weapon Base For Custom Maps

    A new solution to use custom scripted weapons in custom campaigns. There were 2 methods to get custom weapons work in custom maps: Combining files of custom weapon base with custom campaign to 1 vpk, which could break some crescendo...

  • 6 Maps
    Dead Before Dawn (Extended)

    Extended version with all 6 chapters from various versions before DC. 1: "Citylights" cut map which was featured in L4D1 and in L4D2 until v4.1 2: "Anna Is Gone" which is set in daytime instead of morning like in DC 3: "The Mall" wi...

  • 12 Maps
    [OBSOLETE] Silent Hill (Enhanced)

    THIS VERSION IS DISCONTINUED, FROM NOW ON UNKNOWN WILL DO ALL THE FURTHER UPDATES. Unknown's upload: https://www.gamemaps.com/details/29064 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2927240371 First of all: don't panic...

    • Archived
  • 3 Maps
    Lord Of The Rings Campaign

    Abandoned for years campaign is now complete and fully functional. Basically a mashed potato of two CS:S Zombie Escape mod maps and finale map from HL2 mod Age of Chivalry. So don't expect this to be a triple A type of campaign and it's...

  • 8 Maps
    The Grave Outdoors

    Originally made by Megadude for L4D1 only, later ported by Herbius in L4D2 with different name Dead Military "2", despite there's no "1" exist. Megadude made it pain in the a** to port (becasue he hates L4D2 for some reason), He placed b...

  • 7 Maps
    Silent Hill: Otherside of Life (Enhanced)

    Warning: This version has key-searching mechanics added for 1,3,5 maps so pay attention to the hints and be patient, don't rush. Main changes: 1. No more forced custom models of survivors, special infected, guns, sounds and scripts....


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