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  • Not bad map details and optimizations but poor and unfriendly map design

    Overall map details and optimizations are really good, but map design is not very friendly because of several puzzles such as finding keys(Which normally doesn't include on usual L4D2 campaigns) and complex map designs... Also third chapter's length is very long and it's boring. If you make map design very simpler just like l4d2 campaigns it should be awesome campaigns of L4D2!

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    • I know, I like puzzles, and this time I thought I was making a simplier map and easy puzzle, but at the same time I know some people just want to play a "custom default" campaign. Anyway, thank for playing <3

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    • Well, not all people like puzzles, & not all people like normal campaigns either. & fortunately this makes me want to play sooner, as I kind of love puzzles. The author has been known for long time for his campaigns with puzzles, especially the famous Resident Evil campaigns. I still don't know which one is more complicated, this or RE campaigns as I haven't had time to play this one though I already marked this on my watchlist to be downloaded later.

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