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  • Basically playable, with wide open areas, but many bland places

    Just as the title said, this campaign is playable with bots or other players. Bot navigation is good in overalls, though sometimes they take detour at certain areas just to follow a player jumping from a car to behind a fence. Supplies are scattered but well provided.
    There are only several main problems here: 
    1. The insufficient directional arrows. For example, in maps with woods & river, if players go through woods instead, they will get lost until they hit invisible walls.
    2. The invisible walls. There are many invisible walls at the edge of map (some of them are at woods area).
    3. Most areas & rooms are bland & empty/ less crowded with objects (well, as this was probably the author's first campaign, then it's somehow tolerable). Many doors are inaccessible, so there's no use in exploring the houses one by one.
    4. Most areas are so lonely with very few zombies roaming. It feels more like a campaign about exploration rather than a campaign about surviving from zombie apocalypse. For example, areas like woods or the corners of every map are usually empty or with very few zombies that you can count the number with fingers.
    5. The lack of missions/ objectives. Most of the time, survivors only need to walk at the very wide open areas to reach the saferoom at the very far place (as I said on no. 4, it's more like a campaign about exploration).
    in short, this campaign has no serious bug as it's basically playable. It's just that some people might be bored when they walk for minutes with only very few zombies to see & less challenges than usual. But if you're a fan of adventure, you could try to explore each map one by one. In my play, I only explore almost half of the maps, while for the rest of the maps I let bots lead the way by using some commands. It's a good campaign to kill time, but not for a challenge as it's simply just an exploration campaign.

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  • Mod
    • Updated

    Merciless Survivor Bots


    This time, I took some experiments by improving bot's aim ability, and... Well, just as scary as its title, the survivor bots here are merciless. If I can put in difficulty level, probably they're equal to hard or advanced difficulty. Th...

  • Mod
    • Updated

    Flamethrower Replaces Official Melee

    After getting permission from the author of this cool custom weapon, I decided to upload it here. The original one is already here, & I'll link it on the linked contents. What makes this different is...this officially replaces the offici...

  • Mod

    Enhanced Angry Vanilla Bots

    You can say that this is the "lite" version of my "Merciless Survivor Bots" mod. This mod is another experiment for fun about bots that only focuses on making bots "angry". . Just as the title says, this mod makes even the vanilla bots...

  • Mod

    M72 LAW Rocket Launcher replaces Baseball Bat

    Another great mod of Rectus. I helped him port this to replace the less popular official melee weapon, the baseball bat. The original version (I'll put it on the linked contents) can only spawn on official campaigns. This version was mad...

  • Mod

    XM215 Area Denial Device Replaces Baseball Bat

    This mod is a ported version of the original "XM215 Area Denial Device" by Mr. Rec tus that I put on linked contents. Similar to sentry turret, this one is an automatic machine in ball shape that can detect & shoot zombies. Each time it...

  • Mod

    Rapid Fire 4 Semi-Auto Weapons

    this mod changes the semi-auto weapons (pistol, magnum pistol, auto shotgun, spas 12, all sniper guns & grenade launcher) into full-auto fire weapons, i recommend you guys to play this mod with modified weapons like in the video, and of ...

  • Mod

    Celestial Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons were blessed by the heaven, & now they become "Celestial Melee Weapon" that contain certain celestial powers. Now, not only zombies bring chaos to the apocalyptic world, survivors also bring salvation & descended hope f...

  • Mod

    Sentry Floating Turret EX replaces Baseball Bat

    This one is another variant of the existing "Sentry Floating Turret". I just did some experiments for fun because I wanted exploding laser shot, & somehow I succeeded. This EX (extreme) version has a special laser ammo that explodes only...

  • 4 Maps

    Black Mesa: Undertow

    Steam link: steamcommunity~com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2669399953 Gamebanana link: gamebanana~com/mods/339409 This is a Half-Life Source map port, made as I started learning Hammer. Tried to create my original map, but took the e...

  • Mod

    Pipe Shotgun Replaces Baseball Bat

    This time, I helped port Mr. Rec tus's "Improvised Pipe Shotgun". With this mod, the improvised pipe shotgun will replace baseball bat. I didn't change anything inside the scripts so this is based on the original one, with the only diffe...

  • Mod

    Sentry Floating Turret replaces Baseball Bat

    Have you ever still felt insecure even when all survivor bots are standing close to you? Have you ever thought about a dependable bodyguard that can protect you even better than original bot? Well, this sentry turret custom weapon may be...

  • Mod

    Incendiary Mode

    I forgot where I read, but some people ever requested about incendiary ammo mod somewhere in this site. So, this time, I made it with some additional features. The fire ammo here is different from the incendiary ammo pack, as ALL types o...

  • Mod

    Survivor Bots Stand on Their Own Feet


    After looking at some vscript functions, I gave a try to make this one. Just like the title, this mod slightly improves bot's ability to stand on their own. Each time they fall, they'll stand again and again until their last breath :D . ...

  • Mod

    Survivors Stand On Their Own Feet

    Well, the only thing that makes this different from my another mod with almost similar name linked below is I "enabled all skills" to survivors (players & bots) in this mod. Unlike the previous mod of which some effects are only for bots...

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