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    +Everything, Skins, zombies, special infected.


    -Sad that I don't play Minecraft.
    - I saw some sort of creepy guy standing. He have no eyes!


    I just love this one.

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  • Mod
    Yoko Ritona FIX

    Just got alittle help from 1337gamer15! -Fixed the weird looking eye problem. -Added some jigglebones. -No Facial

  • File
    Green Screen
    Beta N/A

    This map is the purpose for filming! Type in 'map green' in console to load the map!If it doesn't work, i'll see what I can do.

  • Mod
    All Weapons Reanimated Pack

    Do you feel like Valve's Weapons take up the whole screen? Don't worry, you can download arby26's reanimated weapons here, it's a pack made by me. This pack includes all weapon reanimated, except the pistols. 6/12/2012 Do not add any sk...

  • Mod
    Custom Loading Screens

    -Creator of the 5 main loading screens: Dead Center Dark Carnival Swamp Fever Hard Rain The Parish Gavade. -Creator of the rest of the loading screens: The Passing No Mercy Crash Course Dead Air Death Toll Blood Harvest The Sacrifice C...


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