Deathcraft II

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  • Minecraft Environment
  • Minecraft Styled Weapons
  • Ender Dragon Boss Fight
  • Fun and Challenging!
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  • Javiier94

    Posted this review

    does not work

    I downloaded it and installed it. now when I start the campain loading screen appears, so far so good. when it finishes loading it disconnects  and this appears   ""models/infected/witch.mdl""
    What can I do to make it work? help please!!

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Version 2.1 Complete

  • Mod
    naruto shippuden video menu + background icon

    hello guys i hope u have a good day this is naruto shippuden video menu + background icons about video menu we have 2 opening and 2 ending background 1 = naruto shippuden opening 14 background 2 = naruto shippuden ending 26 backg...

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    Day of Guns Weapon Pack

    Great mod replaces all guns and most of melee weapons. Here also some scripts with new weapon characteristics. (If you want some more information just install this mod!) P.S.: I didn't make 3d models and textures of weapons, I made on...

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    Yellow Rose Medkit

    HD yellow medkit with rose pattern texture. Flower power heals our survivors.

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  • Mod
    Lynched Witch and Spitter
    Beta N/A

    Hanged witcher and spitter corpses replace the lynched and hanged charger. -Swamp Campaign, 1st Chapter- (this is not compatible with witch or spitter skins, in expansion campaigns it does not work correctly, it can look glitched or it ...

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