Deathcraft II

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  • Minecraft Environment
  • Minecraft Styled Weapons
  • Ender Dragon Boss Fight
  • Fun and Challenging!
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  • Javiier94

    Posted this review

    does not work

    I downloaded it and installed it. now when I start the campain loading screen appears, so far so good. when it finishes loading it disconnects  and this appears   ""models/infected/witch.mdl""
    What can I do to make it work? help please!!

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Version 2.1 Complete

  • 8 Maps
    Field of the Dead Ext. Mashup

    Note - The sniper can be killed. They shoot at anything moving so you can wait til an event or take your chances then or 5 / 6 well placed shots with a sniper rifle will kill them to great effect :). This mashup campaign is created from...

  • 4 Maps
    Dead Center ReConstructed
    Beta N/A

    This is a remake of Dead Center, Designed for Versus play. Not made for campaign. but it can be played that way. This is in beta and only map 1-4 are done and map 5 will be finished about 1 month later. After you finish map 4 it w...

    • Updated
  • Mod
    少女前线 AK12静寂苍蓝替换AK47/ (Girls' Frontlin...

    今天就好好享受一下吧。嗯……要是能遇到有趣的事情,那就更棒了! 【说明】这个是少女前线战术人形AK12静寂苍蓝,素材来源于少女前线,它替换AK47 [Description] This is the MOD that modifies the Girls Frontline AK12.The material comes from Girls...

  • Mod
    Niko Bellic [Voice]

    VA: Michael Hollick Replaces Bill's Voice with Niko Bellic's (Affects all 1219 voicelines) "I'm the one ... who survived." GTA IV was always the game stood out from my childhood, hell it was really the only game i could ever pla...

    • New
  • Mod
    少女前线 KSG替换铁喷(Girls' Frontline KSG) repl...

    霰弹武器KSG,加入梯队。指挥官,需要驱逐的目标在哪里。 【说明】这个是少女前线战术人形KSG,素材来源于少女前线,它替换Chrome [Description] This is the MOD that modifies the Girls Frontline KSG.The material comes from Girls Frontline.It ...