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    +Incredible Detail+
    +True to every single nook and cranny of Disney+
    +Unbelievable amount of Effort+


    NONE Whatsoever


    I have thoroughly enjoyed every single second of playing this map!!! Splash Mountain is my absolute favorite ride so as soon as I saw the title I knew I had to try it out, and you did not disappoint!!! I want to thank you so much for the incredible amount of time, effort, and detail you put into this amazing campaign!!! Seriously, you even made the Disney Trash cans and recycle bins, that's awesome!!!
    As a Disney enthusiast, I have to say without a doubt this is one of the best, if not the best, re-creation and representation of how Disneyland and in some aspects Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom are built!!! If you have never had the pleasure of going to a Disney Theme Park, this is by far your best way to check it out!!! Plus it is also a hilarious interpretation of some rides, such as the Enchanted Tiki Room, I was cracking up when the survivors were yelling at the birds to shut up!!! Also it is cool to watch the survivors scream and laugh after the hills and drops when they ride Splash Mountain!!!

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  • Mod

    Creepypasta mega hit Sonic.exe hits Left 4 Dead. Play as your favorite heroes turned Evil with this creepy mod. Sonic as Nick, Tails as Ellis, and Knuckles as Coach. Character names are correct in game (not as seen in screenshots) Ori...

  • Mod
    Original Common Infected in L4D2!!

    Read Changelog! Ever wanted the Original Common Infected in L4D2... without Glitches!!! Well that has been a constant problem, with endless square shadow errors, or incorrect texture mappings. Well no more, I have fixed these horrible e...

  • Mod
    Tails the Smoker

    Tails the once cute Two Tailed Fox, is now an infection spreading machine. The Infection has transformed Tails' two tails into blood sucking gross tongues of pure strength. He retains prior knowledge, however incomplete it may be, someti...

  • Mod
    Shadow The Tank-Hog

    Shadow the Hedgehog has always wondered why he was created, now he will have to wonder why he got Infected. Shadow has transformed into a Massive creature with incredible strength. He has adapted to his new powers, combining them with Ch...

  • Mod
    Amy Rose the Witch-Hog

    Amy Rose has dreadfully succumb to the Infection. While on a search for her lost love Sonic, she was attacked by adversaries of the Infection, and was overpowered. Amy is still on her 'lost' search for Sonic, crying endlessly for his ret...

  • Mod
    Knuckles The Charger

    Knuckles was once the guardian of the Master Emerald, now he is the guardian of the Infection. Still looking for the Master Emerald, Knuckles believes the survivors are responsible for its disappearance. By using his incredible running ...


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