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    +The lighting and bloom is OUTSTANDING
    +Very detailed areas
    +Really good custom textures
    +Good concept
    +A very long and fun journey
    +The mall had great detail and range of stores
    +The mission walk through was nice
    +Keycards for additional stores
    +Good placement of supplies, not too many first aid kits
    +The kiddie rocket with the turret


    -The voice acting got quite annoying to me
    -A little more difficult for Normal
    -The tank on the beginning of Chapter 2 was difficult to take down, especially with the horde. He took down my team 3 times with the car until he finally didn't spawn by the director
    -When my teammates died from walking outside of the mall in Chapter 3 they didn't seem to respawn
    -Neither me, or my team listened to the announcer so we got very confused as to why we kept restarting in Chapter 3, as the announcer only tells us what to do once
    -Custom music
    -The AI is dumber than usual
    -Long loading
    -Finale wasn't too great
    -AI falls behind during the finale
    -Some areas had bad lag
    -The forklift
    -Out of all the Mall-related lines the survivors vocalize from Dead Center, none are used. There really should've been better custom lines


    Very good campaign. The talker does get pretty annoying. The cons are something to think about. The maps have an enormous amount of detail, and the bloom is amazing. This is definitely worth trying.

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Better Falling Screams for L4D2 survivors

    Better than ever. (read changelog) Am I the only one who thought the L4D2 survivors falling screams were a bit.. bad? All it is, is them screaming at the top of their lungs for as long as they can. The L4D1 survivors actually had a more ...

  • Mod
    Original Medkit thirdperson placement

    Small mod here. In L4D1 the First aid kit was placed on the left side of the survivor's back, whereas in L4D2 It's place in the center of the back. This puts it back on the left side, like the good 'ol days. I personally like it because ...

  • Mod
    Improved THIRD PERSON Melee animations

    READ CHANGELOG FOR DETAILS This mod makes the melee weapon scripts better. It will make third person animations much better! Such as better running animations with certain weapons and fixed swinging. IF MOD DOESN'T WORK - It is most lik...

  • Mod
    Momma Hen Female Boomer

    Female boomer based somewhat on the concept art of the overweight spitter. She has a more fleshy skin tone, blood shot legs, a white stained top, floral designed pants, grayish-brown hair, yellow eyes with pupils and so on. I called he...

  • Mod
    Lady Gaga concert - The Fame

    Adds a Lady Gaga concert. Based on her first album release, The Fame. Replaces all Midnight Riders signs/amps with Lady Gaga stuff related to her album. I will be releasing her current 3 albums in concert form, as I didn't want to mix th...

  • Mod
    Kesha concert

    Replaces all the midnight riders signs/amps to Ke$ha art. Concert plays Warrior, then Die Young from her album 'Warrior'. Video Below

  • Mod
    New Saferoom Door

    I decided I would have a take at the saferoom door since nobody else seemed to. I have had this made for a while, just never decided to release it. Decided to give it an industrial rushed-built look, to go with a zombie apocalypse them...

  • Mod
    School Bus instead of Church Bus

    A church bus like that didn't seem to fit well with me. I recolored like school bus. And gave it a realistic feel. Yes, the real Riverside, Pennsylvania is in a county called Northumberland. My v-sync is off in the pictures, and the sha...

  • Mod
    Hot Ellis
    Beta 8

    For the girls... And some boys ;D A hot new skin for Ellis I'm in the process of making. I have added new hair. And trust me, it definitely iis possible to see a southern fellow like Ellis, dressed like this. The original tank top tex...

  • Mod
    Realistic Eyes for all 8 survivors (Gorgeous)

    Hey there, I've made some pretty and realistic eyes for all 8 survivors :) It took me a while to make these and to get them just right to match the Left 4 Dead atmosphere properly. The eyes all have gloss, constricted pupils, pretty colo...


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