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  • Pros:

    + Long campaign
    + diversified
    + happens during daytime (seriously, why do most of the maps happen during nighttime? I wouldnt set a foot out of my safe spot during darkness, if it was a real apocalypse!)
    + the finale is pretty cool


    - the first maps don't contain enough zombies and especially hordes, what makes them too easy to pass.
    - the roller coaster ride is pretty laggy and you sometimes get stuck in weird positions
    - not enough specials for my taste


    Overall a pretty awesome campaign. I had tons of fun playing it and exploring the little things you put into it with so much love for details. I enjoyed it very much and it's worth playing again. But you should change the level of difficulty in the first 3 maps by adding more zombies. I played it on realism expert and it still was a bit too easy.
    Keep up the good work m8!

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