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  • 5 Maps
    ContraZ v0.5
    Beta 9

    ContraZ V0.5 This is a campaign that imitates and pays tribute to Contra. The campaign has only five levels,more levels are still in development. Level completed: 5 / 8 =================================== Mod Features: ...

  • 4 Maps
    White Forest

    Four survivors were riding the train accident occurred near the white forest, they had to trek across multiple regions of the white forest, and finally reach a radio stations and seek help. v2.0 Modify the script and panic event mob siz...

  • 4 Maps
    Farewell Chenming V4.0

    The 4 survivors known the Chen Ming city is the final evacuation sites, they had to go through untold hardships to the town square from a road, a small town, they can see the dawn of the second day? enjoy campaign v3.0 Fixed finale lev...


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