White Forest

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    White Forest, with a lot of zombies

    * The first few chapters of Half-Life: Episode 2 converted into a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign.
    * Supply placement adequate, although it gets a bit scarce in the thirdd map.
    * Scripted survivor dialogue.
    * Custom tank models.
    * Crude poster, names are out of order.
    * Not enough 9mm pistol spawns at the start of the campaign, given the extra distance you need to travel to get the primary weapons.
    * Ammo provisions scarce in Map 3.
    * Event at the start of Map 3 made too difficult with the twin tanks, which should be reserved for finales only. I know this is to emulate the dueling Antlion Guard fight in HL2: EP2, but this would be better executed if they spawned in separately.
    * Special Infected spawn rate needlessly increased at the end of Map 2, and possibly at the finale.
    * Needlessly difficult finale; generators take a long time to activate given that there are many of them. Finale sequence should start upon hitting the switch, not after the generators are activated. There should only be one tank attack given the difficulty of activating the generators, never mind that the second wave has two tanks again. The abundance of explosive ammo does little to offset this.
    It's a competent conversion of HL2: EP2's first few chapters, though difficult. I'd say City 17 does its job better.

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